Thursday, August 20, 2009


Heeeellllooooo..... anyone still out there? :) So sorry my "temporary" break became a permanent one without any further update from me.

Trying for the nutshell - **deleted deleted**.
K, the nutshell didnt work, it was looking a lot like an acorn tree & if I let it grow, I'll never get this posted. So I'll just say there was some bad stuff - a death in the family & a few trips home, some ok stuff - weekend trips & such and a lot normal stuff - laziness, procrastination & Mac plus some sickies & a few weeks of horrendous tooth pain thrown in. Ugh, k, see now the tree growing?!

K, to get going, I'm not really 'back'. I'm not sure how I want to proceed with this blog but I do know that postings like I used to do won't be possible for me to sustain. The hop-and-search was really taking a lot of time. Till I can work out a better schedule for myself, I'll just be doing an occasional random post with some freebies or sales if I manage to get up a list but fair warning first, I'd also like to *try* to get back to the original purpose of this blog & do more daily life posts.

Anyway, my main purpose for this post was to mention a CK free font. Not sure if its something everyone already knows about but anyway just in case. And since it felt weird to have only one item, I scrounged up a few more to make 1 table. Not a lot I know but hopefully there may be a couple in there that's new to you guys (that's if there IS any 'you guys' out there, I may well be talking to myself :D)

Oh, I forgot, I also wanted to post some recent pics of Mac that I liked :) The baby boy who cringed & cried at his first feel of the sand now loves to swim in it :) Hard to believe he'll be 4 soon...

And the wee list:

1. CK Serendipity Font from CK. Only avail till Fri or perhaps its Thurs.
2. Template from ChrissyW at Elemental Scraps
3. Cluster frame from Traci Reed
4. Cluster & QP (not shown) from Raspberry Road
5. Kit from Bellisae at Digital Crea
6. QP & Template from MDesigns
7. QP from Lauren Grier
8. Template from ZigZag
9. QP from Redjuscrap

Oh and Tracy Ann has a new kit 50% off "today" only (not exactly sure when the today ends)

And I'm sure you all know about the Catscrap sale. 25% off. And on 22nd, its 40% off stitches & on 24th, 40% off Kits.

Have a great day! Hopefully I'll be back again soon :)


Beth said...

Glad to see you back!! And I don't do the scrapping stuff any more but sure do love to see the pictures of Mac! That second one, with the sand, is just GREAT! He's gotten so big! Glad to "see" you around again.

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! I was wondering the other day where you were and hoping all is okay - Mac is so big! But still as cute as ever!
Good to see you!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh girl, OMGosh ... I think about you often, but did so BIG time the other day when I stumbled across something titled, THE CHICKEN COOP!

YAY! You have found your way back to SCRAPLAND sweetie and Mac is just THE SWEETEST! Four already? Where DOES the time go? GORGEOUS photos!

Okay, I'm off to put your link back on my blog darlin'. I JUST removed it a few weeks ago!

WOO HOO! SO good to see you again - you have been SORELY missed!

Love and hugs,
Linda :-D

Toni said...

Great to see you back here ... and these fabulous photos of Mac

SLKozul said...

Good to see you back, I've taken a break too from most scrapping, but hope to start again. Life just gets in the way sometime - and don't let those you love what you do try to dictate what you should do - enjoy your family and I'll enjoy reading about them just as much.

BTW - I did start a new business last fall - I'm almost 1,

Anonymous said...

Mac is so grown up...he has lost his baby face!! But his little boy face is too cute!! Missed you and am so glad you are back at what ever schedule works for you. Just keep posting those pictures so we can watch him grow.

Kim B said...

OMG- I can have my coffee again with you now and again?? ;-)
WHEEEE_ I got so excited this evening when I saw your blog pop up in my reader ( uhum, yeah only a few days late- lol)
Not worried about the freebies, just so glad that you are ok- we missed ya.
Mac is sure growing up and those are STUNNING pics!
Glad to have you back GF