Friday, August 21, 2009

090821 Freebies & Sales

Hey there, Beth, Mel & Linda, thanks so much for writing! :)

We'll be headed off for our usual weekend trip to Miri this afternoon. It's 8am (well now it's 9am) & I've yet to get started on the packing. Should be easy enough, right? A casual holiday & only for 3 nights, just throw in a few clothes & toys & it's done. Yet it always takes me at least 2 hours. Like with scrapping & pretty much everything else I do, I always take longer & make it more complicated than it needs to be!

Anyway, since the internet there's so darn slow if it even works, I'll probably sleep tonight so I thought I might as well skip that tonight & instead catch a few links for you.

First though, more Mac-pics. He'd been mentioning knights a lot recently so I snatched up this costume when I unexpectedly saw it in Miri. This is during our trip last month. He's "Mac-Mac Knight" & I'm "Mama Knight" & we're having a duel. Am I teaching him bad things by 'fighting' with him?? Without a playmate his age, I usually substitute!

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, the photos arent quite looking as they should be. And my html code looks different. I didnt use to get a 'something something onblur something' thingy & myphotos used to be centred & no text running around them all over the place & now that keeps happening & I have to keep fixing them. Ugh, so frustrating.


1-3. 1 Euro items at The French Frog till Aug20. I like these 3 & probably will get the space one as I have an extreme weakness for these type of kits.
4. DDE 50% Early Bird Special Aug 20 & 21.
5-6. FPD Lost & Found Thurs. These are a couple of the $1 kits.
7-8. $2 product retirement sale from Sugarplum Paperie at TDC. These 2 are my fave kits of hers.
9. DesignerDigitals 30% Thrifty Thurs. Pictured is the 99ct Special.


1. Template from Armina
2. Alpha from Poupone at the French Frog
3. QP & labels [not shown] from Fruitloop Sally
4. Alpha from M Designs
5. Template from Darcy Baldwin
6. CU Chipboard Action from Atomic Cupcake
7. QP from Cinnamon
8. Kit Part 3 from The French Frog
9. Template from The DigiChick


Love this Stitched Alpha from Kristen Rice at Catscrap.


Just thought I'd share some LOs I thought were really lovely from a scrapper called Simoni Grigoli. I love how fun, vibrant and colourful her work is. They're the type of LOs that make me smile when I look at them. AND most of them have journaling :)

meu amor

you make me smile

1ยบ dia na escola

Have a great weekend! :)

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