Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A couple of challenges to note & a freebie from me

It's almost 6am and Mac has been up since midnight after going to bed at 10pm. He's always had a yo-yo sleeping pattern, settling on one for a couple of weeks and then changing it again. It wasnt as bad as this though previously.

He's now watching Elmo (which was showing a bicycle and of course Mac immediately insisted I had to go bring in his bike) while playing Play-Doh. Before that it was Barney while he played his marbles and before that he went through some of his toys one by one.

One side effect of this is I'm unable to start on any of my CT LOs. If I plan to scrap, night time after he's gone to bed is my usual time (if I dont fall asleep along with him) because I'm such a terribly slow scrapper & I need to know I have a long stretch of uninterrupted time before I can even get in a scrapping frame of mind. Over the last few days, I've started 4 and trashed 3 :( The 4th is only slightly less suckier than the others & I'm undecided on whether to trash it, continue trying to fix it or just close my eyes to its sheer suckiness, add the title, journal and post. If it's just for me, I might just do that but it's my first CT LO for my new site and that's such a terrible start!

Anyways, I thought the basic design isn't too bad, just my execution, so rather than have wasted my time totally, I turned it into a template. A template from a failed LO, hmmm gee, I wonder how many people will want it! LOL But still for what it's worth, this is the preview.

Link to download. And if anyone's interested in my pathetic unfinished effort, here it is in all its 'glory'! Good thing I have a cute son :D

Of special note:

1. Christina Renee has a Siggie freebie hunt with a freebie a day for 2 weeks starting Tues. Read the details in this forum.

2. Scrapblog is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and (a disclaimer please, I cannot be sure these details I gathered are in any way accurate since I dont speak Brazilian!) they have a challenge to get this awesome collab participation bonus (Gina Miller, Kate Hadfield, Amy Hutchinson, Lili & Ana Amorim are among some of the contributors) From what I can gather, the challenge is to
(1) do a 'celebrate' LO
(2) use a few of the techniques taught in the blog. The list of 5 techniques stated there are some you can use (1) detaching edges of photos and papers (2) shadow for acrylic (3) Mesclagem (blending) (4) writing in forms (5) filter wave
I'll have to admit I have NO idea how to do that since I can't understand the tutorials but if I do manage to find time to do it, I'll probably just use my own method for acrylic shadow and cross my finger it'll pass. I do not see a deadline or posting instructions or whether it's an 'open kit' challenge, but I'll keep an eye on the comments to see if anyone's posting LO links. If there's anyone who understands Brazilian, your translation would be very much appreciated!

OK, I need to go admire Mac's sushi chef skill - he's cutting up his playdoh fish and inviting my audience :D That and making stars and throwing away little bits of playdoh because they're "jik-jik" (dirty) seems to afford him the most amusement in this playset! I'll try to compile & post some more freebie finds and sales if he decides to go back to watching TV. If not, I'll probably be late cos I'd have fallen asleep with him.



Beth Nixon said...

My son was a terrible sleeper until the age of four! You have my FULL sympathies!

Love the template Ann . . . it's fantastic!

LorieM said...

Thanks for the template freebie and for visiting my blog!

Ana Amorim said...

Thank you so much for mention our 2nd anniversary!! Please visit our blog.. You will find a English note at the end of this post:

English speakers don't need to use a technique. Just create a LO celebrating anything good in your life!

Sorry about my bad English!

Ana Amorim said...

Writing the post link again:

Jennifer B said...

I have a suggestion. I bet you don't like the layout because of the strong pattern in the back of your son. Maybe you could soften that pattern or pick up on the color and direction of the lines in it?

Hope that helps. I like your template, THANKS!

Nic said...

Many thanks for the template. Most appreciated.

Kind regards

Myrrhsie said...

Thanks for the template!