Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sales & Freebies Jun 4, 08

Well, Mac finally conked out around 7am and me along with him!

Special Note:The Hunt for SO SUNny Collab by ScrapOrchard and Sunshine Studio Designers has started. This is only part of what you can get, full details here.

Updated info re the Scrapblog challenge: Deadline is June 20, post your link in the blog comments sections and you can use any kits.

Some freebie finds for today:
1. A Freebee from Ziggle to use for ScrapOrchard's Apple Cart Challenge 1

2. Need aliens? KateF has an addon freebie in her new blog

3. QP from Cassiope30

4. Bon Scrapatit gives us a small course on Jeanealogy

5. Another QP from Crisdam's CT QP Giveaway

6. If you have any kids who love CARS like mine do, you will like this kit by MeeGee Designs BUT be aware that the papers are 12x12x72dpi. I plan to use these in little badge albums for my son.

7. Mega collab freebie from Digiscrap4all.

8. A pretty page from Digitalscrapn You will have to 'purchase' it

9. Typewriter Key Alpha from Christine Shultz

1. QP from Kawouette

2. Addon freebie from Line Designs

3. A lovely freebie addon kit from Ellie Lash

4. Template from Lori Wiley There's also a 30% coupon code there.

5. Part 1 of a kit from Wenchdgrafix Designs

6. I like the frame in this kit by mhulshoff

7. Pamela Digitreats has ongoing freebies for an ABC kit. It's already up to K but you may still like to grab the rest of the alphabet. The earlier ones are available to purchase at a very reasonable price too.

8. 2-page template from Misty Cato

9. Day 6 of Amanda Thorderson's Tag Album

1. Template from Andrea Gold

2. Template from Erica

3. Challenge freebie kit from Booland Designs You'll have to 'purchase' it from the SAS store

4. Some doodles from Julianne Oliveira

5. A dreamy photo action from Nicole Marshall.

6. One of many Wordart freebies from Bethany


1-3. Lauraskathi's Danielle kit is on sale at $2.49. So is Gabs (love this kit!) at $2.99. Julia & iphaligio (pic a few posts below) is still $1 at Funky Playground

4. If you like wordart, you might like SBG's Wordart collection on sale for $5. Their Deal of the Day section is always worth checking on regularly

5-6. It's $1 Wed at LDD and these are the 2 items. There are also a bunch of other items on 40% off.


1. Template lovers might be interested in Janet Phillips's June Grab Bag - she has normal ($2.50) and supersized ($4) versions

2. Mirranda Reinhardt has a $2.50 bag until Jun 6. You can view the contents in the Detailed Previews.

3. Leora Sanford has a $3 bag at Little Dreamer until Jun 15


fun2educate said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on the SO Sunny kit. I found the code and got that one for free. Am off to shop.
Mac is just adorable.

Ju Oliveira said...

Obrigada por indicar meu Freebie.
Adorei conhecer seu Blog.
Boa semana.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Greetings and thank you for showcasing my FREEBIE on your blog today!!!

I've read your ENTIRE intro and, girl, you are a HOOT and I know would be a WONDERFULLY fun person to hang out with!!!

You have a BEAUTIFUL family and your layouts are GORGEOUS!!!

LOVE your BLOG HEADER and NAME!!! VERY clever and CREATIVE and sort of sounds like my house!!! I am sure my boys would be MORE than happy to let you know that their MOM has FLOWN THE COOP a time or two!!! ROFL!

Nice meeting you. I've looked all about for your name, but I am either missing it or terribly blind to boot!!!

I am bookmarking your blog and will add you to my sidebar ASAP!!!

Thanks again and for ALL you are doing to help contribute to ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day!

Linda :)

katef said...

Thanks so much for featuring your freebie.. I am loving your site!