Saturday, November 08, 2008

Photobook Promotion ~ ArtsCow

Just saw this in my email. Might be of interest to anyone of you doing photobooks or christmas gifts. I cant speak of the quality as I've never printed with them or any other printing service but the price looks very good :)

Get Photo Book at only $6.99/each with FREE SHIPPING.

No Quantity limit! Share with your friends.
And order early to avoid the rush.

Checkout Code : PBSD699
Expires on 11/25/2008

Check our pleasent book reviews from our treasured members.

Terms and Conditions
1. Photo book measures 8" x 8".
2. First 20-pages included. $0.5 for each additional page. Up to 40 Pages in Total.
3. reserves all rights to interpret, alter and terminate this promotion.


Anonymous said...

The gal from digitreats loves this company and says the quality is excellent!
fran b

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awwwww ... if Pam gives it THUMBS UP, I am sold!!! *big smile*

Hello dearest Ann! I first wish to apologize for taking SO long to leave you some LOVE and MANY thanks for ALL that you do for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!!!

I've been working hard to keep my head above water while battling viruses that my virus program is thrwarting off hourly! *sigh* I need to call my tech in just a bit to see what he might suggest I do!

Anyhoo, the craziest thing is that I have you on my personal BLOG ROLL and I will check that each time I log onto my blog to comment on the newest updates. Well, VERY interesting to find that my blog roll shows your last post as being two weeks ago! WHAT! No Ann for two weeks, what has happened to her??? So, here I am to find that you've just posted and wondering why it has not shown up on my blog roll? I think I will try deleting and re-entering your URL and see if it shows your new post. Fingers crossed as I SO love browsing through ALL of your FABULOUS finds and you DO find some GOOD stuff! You kept me shopping for several days last time I was here!!! LOL! I'm broke now, so I shall just have to window shop!

Hope to find you and your PRECIOUS family ALL happy and healthy!

Have a LOVELY week sweetie and THANK YOU for showcasing my goodies along with all other BEAUTIFUL designs.

Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Aha! I just read your post before this and I suppose you must have posted incognito, eh? LOL! I'm not sure, but even after deleting your URL and then re-entering, it still showed your last post being two weeks ago!!!

I hope that you are THOROUGHLY enjoying your downtime from the computer dearest Ann!

See you soon love!

Linda :)

Patamomma said...

I too am missing you. I know you warned us. But, still missing you. Patty

Beth said...

Just saying hi . . . I realized that I haven't had your blog pop-up in my reader in some time and was just checking in. I'm just missing pictures of that sweet little boy!

Hope all is well!!

Patamomma said...

ok sweetie, you have been away entirely too long. Not acceptable. You need to at least pop in and say hi! I mean it! Don't make me swim to an island. Patty

Kim B said...

Hey Ann, just checking up to see if you are OK and getting that long earned rest ;-)
My coffee has a *crud crust* already- LOL

Sending hugs

Kim B said...

You Alive there my friend? Give me shout - let me know you ok?