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I'm not really 'back' yet :) Just wanted to post up all the links I've been collecting since end Oct rather than let the work go to waste, hopefully there are still some new to you, like the forum templates about 3rd or 4th from the bottom. No sales finds, sorry, I havent been able to visit forums or check most of the designer/store newsletters. "See" you guys again in a week or so. Ta!

- QP & papers from Digitalfreebies

- Busy Scrappin Blog Train Prev is from Busy Scrappin.

- Scrap'it QP Freebie Blogtrain. QPs with Brianna Cox's kit lavendar Mint-berry Cream.

1. QP from Pamela Donnis
2. QP from Tortuemaori
3. QP from Digi-Designs by Nicole
4. Alpha from Krystal Hartley
5. QP from Pink Peacock
6. Kit from Mrs Miles
7. Wallflower kit part 3 from Sweet Digi Scraps
8. Wordart from Vinnie Pearce
9. QP from Rachael B

1. Badge album from Amanda Thorderson
2. Doodly frame cluster from KimB
3. QP from Crops 2 Dawn
4. QP from Annie's Digital Things
5. Paper from Lien
6. Hybrid QPs from A-liya
7. Template from Simplette
8. Alpha from Tempus Fugit
9. Wordart from Bethany

1. Desktop from Dani Mogstad
2. Qp from Sev
3. Addon kit from Choubinette
4. QP from Petite Fleur
5. Desktop from Heather Roselli
6. Kit from Cinnamon
7. ScrapOrchard Inspiration Challenge kit from Pineapple Plantation. You have to be logged in.
8. QP from Scraps of Me
9. Template from Jen at SotB

1. QP from DYP
2. Papers from Christine Smith
3. QP from Shawn Headley
4. QP from Sophia Davies
5. Template from Colie's Corner
6. Ice Garden kit part 1 from Digital-Crea
7. Template from The Digichick
8. CU Folded Star Action from The Scrapping Cop
9. Kit from 2 Little Pixels. You have to "purchase" it.

1. Template from Pink Ellie
2. Template from Dani Mogstad CT
3. Template from Heather Roselli
4. Addon kit from Lindsay Jane
5. Mini kit from SherrieJD at CRD blog
6. Freebie from Flergs
7. Freebie from Michelle Coleman
8. QPs from Michelle Coleman
9. Papers from Misty Cato

1. Desktop QP from Shabby Princess
2. Mini kit from Creashens
3. QP from Dunia Acauan
4. Templates from Karah Fredericks
5. Mini kit from Manu
6. Template from Mrs Wresh
7. QP from Penny Springman
8. QP from Catherine
9. Journaling strips from Digiscrappers Brasil

1. Desktop QP from FPD
2. Template from Patti Knox at DesignerDigitals
3. Journaling from Kellie Mize at DesignerDigitals
4. Papers from Mindy Terasawa DesignerDigitals
5. Mini kit from Amber Clegg
6. Flowers from Amber Clegg
7. Bragbook from pcLayers
8-9. Frame & Addon kit from Tangie Baxter at CRD blog

1-2. Mini kits from SherrieJD at CRD blog
3. Buttons from Ann-Marie at Pickleberry Pop. You have to "purchase" it.
4. Mini kit from Danielle Corbit at Pickleberry Pop. You have to "purchase" it.
5. Template from Digiscrappers Brasil
6. Recipe card from Saxon Holt
7. QP from Gypsy Couture
8. Addon kit from Mira Designs
9. Mini kit from Chaos Lounge

1. Addon from Tater
2. Wordart from Valorie Brown
3. Layered edge from Chaos Lounge
4. Mini kit from LorieM
5. CU Rose from Shawn Headley
6. Kit from Krista
7. Mini kit from Ellie Lash
8. QP from Pamela Donnis
9. Recipe card from Amanda Thorderson

1. Papers from Tracy King
2. Scatterz from DeDe Smith
3. Mini kit from Simply Sweet Designs
4-5. Kit & QPs from Rachael B.
6. Template from DigiScrapalicious
7. Kit from Andrea Dickinson
8. QP from Raspberry Road
9. Hybrid album from A-liya at ScrapNTag. You have to "purchase" it.

1. Halloween kit from LiviaY
2. Cluster frame from Joanne Bain
3. QP from EdelineM. You have to "purchase" it.
4. Dotty things from Lindsay Jane
5. Addon kit from Simply Sweet Designs
6. Kit from Robin Carlton at Shutterfly blog
7. Desktop QP from SanSan
8. Kit from Misschifis at Scrapladies. You have to "purchase" it.
9. Kit from Sev at Digital-Crea

1. Desktop QP from Zigzag. Limited Time.
2. Template from ScrapMatters
3. Cluster frame from Lauren Grier CT
4. Template from Traci Reed CT
5. Desktop QP from Dunia Acauan
6. Template from Michelle Filo
7. CD Calendar from Sugarplum Paperie [just the dates, not QPs]
8. Mini kit from Sunflowers
9. QPs from Matahati

1. QP from Sweetmade. You have to "purchase" it.
2. Recipe card from Saxon Holt
3. QP from Amanda Dykan
4. Cluster & frame from Peta Boardman
5. Template from Peppermint Creative
6. Template from Digiscrap Boutique
7. QPs from Kimbytx
8. Desktop QP from Shazzbutt
9. Template from Andrea Gold

1. Mini kit from Damayanti
2. Mini kit from Pillowgirl
3. Desktop QP from Happy Scrap Girl
4. Kit from Nadya's Scraps
5-6. Festivity Collab kit from Vicki & Bon Scrapatit
7-8. CU Elf & Tree Template from The Scrapping Cop
9. Template from Sabdesbois

1-2. Calendar & Sampler from Schaarka
3. Doodledidei Embellishments from NBK
4. Template from Creating Keepsakes
5. QPs from Creating Keepsakes
6. Template from Angeltown. You have to "purchase" it.
7. Template from LorieM
8. ScrapOrchard Wordart Wed from Bethany. You have to be logged in.
9. Wordart from Tina Chambers

1. Template from Digital Candy
2. QP from Erica Belton at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
3-4. QPs from Doris Castle & Minikit from Linda's Dreams in RAKscraps newsletter
5. QP from Marilyne
6. Templates from Alice Koh at The Daily Scrapper. You have to "purchase" it. Till Nov 7.
7. Mini kit from Joyful Heart at Inspiration-Lane. You have to "purchase" it.
8-9. QPs from Sueli Colbert

1. QP from heb1976
2. Wordart from Fraisinette
3. Addon kit from Amanda Heimann
4. QP from LiviaY
5. Bragbook from Saxon Holt
6. Alpha from Ziggle
7. Alpha from Amy Sumrall
8. Wee Willie Winkie papers & frames (not shown) from Cen
9. Kit from Ju Oliveira

1. Desktop QP from Digimom
2. QPs from Digi-Designs by Nicole
3. Glitter snowflakes from Courtney Wilson
4. Halloween kit from Kristin Aagard
5. Wordart from Kristin Aagard CT
6. Kit from MickeyB
7-8. Paper pack & template from Red Leaf
9. Addon kit from Scrapstreet

1. Addon kit from Southern Creek
2. Kit from Wenchdgrafix
3. Template from Yin
4. Alpha from Bon Scrapatit
5. You Dont Know Jack kit from Bon Scrapatit
6. Chance of Rain Scrapatit 3 from Bon Scrapatit
7. Birthday Texture CU OV from KimB
8. Cluster frame from Bydezign Scraps
9. Foto Overlays from Tempus Fugit

1-2. The Autumn Series kit from Tempus Fugit
3. QP from Jasmin-Olya
4. QP from Novaczka
5. Addon kit from Mitsybelle
6. Mega Collab kit part 3 from ScrapMalin. You have to "purchase" it.
7. QPs from Moi
8. QP from Celou
9. QPs from Dydyge

1. Wordart from Glam Fairy
2. Kit from Sweet Blossom Designs
3. QP from Fanfann
4. QP from Pikachu
5. Addon kit from Mag
6-9. Addon kit & QPs from Miss Choubinette

1-2. QP from Angelique
3. QP from Mycrevette
4. Sampler from Natali
5. Swirly bit from Sugarplum Paperie
6. Template from Lindsay Jane
7. Qps set 2 from Matahati
8. CU Chrome elements from Shawn Headley
9. QP from DigiDesigns by Nicole

1. Template from Jen*uine
2. CU Bows from The Scrapping Cop
3. Musical Sampler from Angeltown
4. Template from Snap and Scrap
5. Alpha & papers from Hummie's World
6. Flair Buttons from Mira at Scrapkut
7. Frame from Scrappy Pony
8. Kit from Nicole Young at DSP. You have to be logged in.
9. Qp from ABCDelf

1-2. Template from Cassiopee
3. QP from Chouk77
4. Calendar QP part 2 from Bouille
5. Alpha from Chriscrap
6. Addon kit from Cecile
7. Alpha from Mimilou
8-9. QPs from Droopette

1. Collab kit from Dydyge, Anchlove, Cecile, Moune, Nanejardin, Scrap'anges & Ugo15.
2. QP from Fanette
3. QP from Simplette
4. QP from Gege
5. QP from Manue
6. Addon kit from Sev
7. Kit from Thaliris
8. Kit from
9. QP from Tinette

1. Template from Tracy Blankenship
2. CU Crumpled Tags from Shawn Headley
3. Ice Garden Collab kit part 2 from Digital-Crea
4. Template from SBG
5. Template from BTST
6. Template from SotB
7. Template from DSO
8. Template from The DigiChick
9. Template from ColorLineDesign

1. Template from Digitalfreebies
2. Challenge kit from Digitalfreebies
3. Wordart from La-Di-Da
4. Bragbook Template from ColorLine Design
5. QP from Ksharonk
6. Addon from Ellie Lash
7. QP from Cassiopee
8. QP from Tortuemaori
9. QP from Betty

1. Template from Pouyou
2. QP from Galiscrap
3. QP from Marilyne
4. QP from Irene Alexeeva
5. Buttons from Scrapshana
6. Addon kit from Britt-ish Designs
7. Mini kit from Wenchdgrafix
8. Autumn Series from Tempus Fugit
9. Alpha from Bon Scrapatit

1. Template from Scrapping with Katie
2. QPs from Matahati

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