Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grease Quiz

SSD Blog Challenge Aug 8, 08

Grease. It's the Word Quiz
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I was probably about 9 or 10 when my mum brought me to watch this at the (long-demolished) Lido theatre, in Sekama I think. We used to go out together quite often, shopping in the old town and sometimes watching movies. We'd walk if its someplace nearby, like this cinema or take a taxi. I remember her paying RM1 for a ride home from town, about 15 mins ride back then. It was considered an expensive luxury at the time. Not sure why we had to take a taxi though, my dad should've been retired by then and could drive us around. These little trips out on her own (well, with me) had stopped by the time I reached my teens, not sure why either. Perhaps age.. She hardly ever went out after that.. Thinking about it now, I'm a little surprised we watched this because she usually brings me to watch Chinese or Hindi movies. My dad was the one who would bring me to watch English movies, all of which were James Bond if I remember correctly :) What I remember the most from watching it at that age was the twirling around while they were doing some dance number and how the girls' skirts flared up showing their panties. I was very shocked by that :D

Sorry, short trip back down memory lane..

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