Sunday, August 10, 2008

LOs, F&S AUG 10, 08

First, thanks very much to Mikkel, Grandma June (I miss our fights too :D), RoseAddict, SarahBelle, Patty, Beth, Toni, Chloe5972, Jill GF, Amy, Linda, breeoxd, Melanie, Kristine, Akizo, Cheryl, Nath, Jen, Lau, Kristin and of course Grace (ANOTHER holiday??! :D) for dropping by :) And really appreciate the comments/opinions!

A couple of you like the idea of the challenges but not too many and I think most of the people here are already experienced 'hunters' & dont need the Rewind so I wont be doing them regularly, just ocasionally as I come across any really good ones. I definitely will keep on the sales as there arent many places doing those & I'm also using it myself to keep track of the deadlines, hence the 'stickies' for the sales section :)

I'm going to *try* to keep the freebies down as well although I know that's what most people come for (I think) because since starting them, I've found there are quite a lot of blogs doing those whereas I previously only knew of Digifree & Ikea Goddess. As you're most probably on all those other lists as well, I was wondering if I'm making you waste more time in looking through yet another long and usually identical list? Because if you're anything like I was, you'll still look even though you've already dl-ed dozens of stuff just in case you find something new! :D It's quite hard though because there are really a lot of great stuff out there and even though I dont have an actual need or the space for a lot more, I find it hard to exclude some because you might have different preferences. If it's based only on my own need, you'd be in danger of only seeing blue kits, templates & QPs :D

Oh and btw, sorry I was rushing the other day to finish up the post & forgot to mention that the headache's all gone now, thanks very much for asking :) Just another of the dreaded 'monthly' headaches!

Did you guys catch the Olympics opening ceremony? I thought it was totally awesome, esp the drummers and the scroll painting! A little educational for me too :D

Mac conked out just now after waking up really early this morning which is why I have a little time now to share some LOs. (Of course this will mean a very late night tonight! :() I did these 2 a couple weeks ago with ScrapOrchard's July Mystery Mega bag. It's nicely packed with a large kit, bragbook and some CU items. Wish I had pics to use with some of the elements. I must say I always find it quite funny to see ants elements although they're so cute! We have them everywhere all the time so they're not quite something I would deliberately put in a scrap page as well - I'm already only too likely to find real ones there :D

I actually have journaling on this one but it's 'awfuller' :D than even my usual so I swapped it out for the date element in my posted version :D

Want a Burger Credits:
Backyard BBQ July Megakit: ScrapOrchard Designers (some items recoloured)
Circles from Boys of Summer: ScrapOrchard Seedlings
Acrylic Alpha from My Journey Alpha: Cinzia Loosemore
Date Stamp from Digitalfreebies Club July 08 Kit Celebrate: Cinzia Loosemore
Torn & Curled Page Borders: Jen Caputo
Ketchup Splat from Fast Food Doodles: Kate Hadfield
Swirly Whirly Strings: Natalie Braxton
Lift of Nikki Beaudreau's Shine LO for SPD Scraplift Challenge

This was during a dinner in Miri with Colin's brother's family for an early celebration of Mac & my birthday last year. Throughout dinner, Mac enjoyed himself with a plate of orange slice garnish :D Hmmm, I do scrap the most trivial things - a whole page of 15 photos just for this! :D But I'm pleased I got all the pics in, good bad and all (thanks much to Beth's template), it always niggles at me when I have leftover pics & I can never file the LO as completed!

Freshly Squeezed Credits:
Backyard BBQ July Megakit: ScrapOrchard Designers
19 Circles Template Blog Freebie: Beth Nixon
Stringaling II: Natalie Braxton
Playful Alpha: Cinnamon
Graphic Edges Overlay: Stacey Jewell Stahl
Love Ya Like a Sister Font for SPD's Font Challenge

And yay, another 2 LOs to share using my templates!! :)

Caleb Hanging by Melanie using Template# 3
A gorgeous LO - such sweet photos, beautiful colours and I just love those ribbons and scrolly/swirly thingies! Thanks so much, Mel!! :)

Katie's New Year Day by Cheryl aka Cherebus using Template 4
Lovely colours & love how she used 2 pics & the wordart is a super choice! Very beautiful work, thanks a bunch, Cheryl!! :) The layout is linked, pls leave her a comment if you can :)


NOTE: FYI, in case anyone needs to save up for the sales or take work leave for DSD, it'll be on the 1st Sat of Nov. I'm hoping the sales will be for a loooonnng weekend and not just a day.

- Digitalfreebies Club Kits. 2 great kits for only $5. August kits are Jungle Gym All Star & Mud on my Mary James from Joyful Heart & Digital Couture. One colour palette, 2 themes - one boy, one girl. Grab them before end Aug.
- Vera Lim's Aug grab bag is out $3 at SBG & VLD. Avail till Aug 10.
- Shabby Princess has 25% Back-to-Scrapping Sale. Ends Aug 10.
- Diamante has 35% sale. Aug 7-11.
- Kissed Studio has 50% sale. Till Aug 12.
- SBE has 25% sale Aug 8-13 Central Time.
- Victoria Feemster has $2 grab bag at LOLS and Inspiration-Lane . Ends Aug 15.
- Deb Fisher has a 50% sale on her retiring baby kits and albums. Ends Aug 15.
- Peppermint Creative 20% sale. Ends Aug 16.
- Lori Barnhurst has a $3 grabbag at LDD. Avail till Aug 16.
- Digitals has 29% sale till Aug 24.
- Inspiration-Lane has a 30% sale. Free kit with ANY purchase through August.
- Ah Designs has 50% off retiring products Aug 4-31
- Shabby Miss Jenn is celebrating their 3rd birthday. 25% sale. Not sure of end date.
- Blythe Evans is retiring older products at $1. Can end any time. Her personal store or Oscraps
- Janet Phillips Aug grab bag is out $2.50 for Regular and $4 for Supersized
- Baersgarten has a 30% Out of Town Sale while she's in the hospital having her baby girl. use code: outoftown One time use. Sale ends when she's back home.
- Mikkel Paige has a sale at Oscraps with some items at $1 and $2
- The Digi Shop Hop Crop. Go from shop to shop picking up kits for only $2.
- $1 fonts at ScrapNFonts

1. Gina Cabrera's Aug Idea Notebook is out. $3 until Aug 12.
2. 30% sale & Grabbags at newly-reopened Scrapmatters. Discount only shows up in cart. Ends Aug 14.
3. Joyful Heart has 40% off CU Overlays Aug 9 & 10
4. PDW has 29.9% sale till Aug 24
5. Sweet Genevieve has 50% 2008 Clearance Sale on 46 items. Till end Aug.
6. 25ct items from DesignerDigitals
7. Cinnamon has a 30% coupon on her blog. Items are also already on sale so this will combine to about 50% discount.
8. DSP's IOTW is a font from Suzanne C Walker. Avail till Aug 16.


1. Miss Monica by Paula Yagisawa & Lady Linda by Kathryn EStry at GottaPixel
2. Free Sweet Bethany by TallulaMoon at 3Scrapateers
3. Under the Big Top by Wetfish Designs, Terrell Sanzone & Christine Mortimer at Divine Digital Also check Wetfish's blog whenever it's her turn as she will have a matching freebie on her blog as well
4. Under the Sea at SnapNScrap
5. My ScrapShop Daily Downloads (changes from day to day)

1. Ahhh Scrap is giving away bragbook pages everyday on their blog. You have to "purchase" it in the store.
2. Melon Key Plate Album from Janeal. She's giving a page a day for 10 days.
3. Designs In Digital NDIDDS Week 4
4. 4x6 Templates from Curth everyday. Avail for a day only.
5. Digitals Daily Download Aug 5 - 20. Masterpieces Addon kit by Silvia Romeo. You have to "purchase" it.
6. FPD Assignment 2 uploads have started. Be sure to visit regularly & download whatever you want asap. Links go down on Aug 11 9am EST.
7. Katie Mann is Digitals' blog hostess and will have a daily download for 7 days to get pieces to this keyplate album. Links are "hidden" within the post.

ScrapMatters has reopened and has a blog train to collect pieces of a 5x7 bragbook album (not all shown, about 20+ total). You can find all the links at the store blog.

And while you're at the blogs, make sure you look through the posts - some have their own additional freebies as above.

---NEW FF---
Pillowgirl is giving away $3 coupon to her store. Get the coupon from her blog. Only valid for this weekend.

1. QPs from Phuong Ton who's just joined SBG
2. WA from Tina Chambers at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
3. CU Flowers from Cen
4. QP from ksharonk
5&6. QP & Alpha from Manu
7. Mini kit from Amy W
8. QP from Ellie Lash CT. Link wasnt working for me so check back later.
9. Kit by Irene Alexeeva

1. Summer Wedding #23 from Bon Scrapatit
2. Template from Mrs Wresh
3. Addon kit from Matahati
4. Mini kit from Bunny Cates
5. CU Staple from Rachael. You have to "purchase" it.
6. Papers from Scrappy Pony
7. "School" alpha wordart from Pink Peacock
8. 2 alphas (only 1 shown) & a paper from LG Perspective
9. Template from Yin

1. Kit from Renae
2. QP from Sara Amarie
3. Papers from DAM
4. QP from Ellie Lash
5. Mini kit from Angelica
6. Papers from Imagine by Fran
7. Kit from Tempus Fugit
8. More CU items (only 1 shown) from The Scrapping Cop. Oh dear, I had to keep amending this, she's coming out with freebies faster than I can finish this list! :D
9. CU items from Bellisa's Scraps

1. Photo actions from CoffeeShop
2. Template from MOriginals
3. Template from SSD
4. Kit from Michelle
5. Flowers from Veronica Hurly at GDS
6. Felt styles from Nathy
7. Freebie from Julia Makotinsky on LDD blog. The download links were left out at the time of post so keep checking back for the correction.
8. Tag book template at DAM
9. Bragbook QP from Rina Kroes

1. Kit from Lisa
2. Cluster and frame from Peta Boardman
3. Wordart from Bethany

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Ann love, I SO enjoy your blog when I get a few minutes to wander away from Photoshop!

You are SO thorough and I LOVE your additional comments. For example, Deb aka The Scrapping Cop and having to update because she keeps cranking stuff out SO quickly! ROFL! I agree! I LOVE Deb's goodies and if I am away for three or four days, I'd BETTER find the time to catch up on downloads!!!

Thank you for ALL of the HARD work you do in bringing us such SPECTACULAR goodies and to be honest, I think you display MANY that I don't see elsewhere!

LOVE your layouts and MAC and his hamburger and I think the LO with MULTIPLE photos of darling MAC rocks it!!!

ENJOY the rest of your weekend and THANK YOU for continuing to post my *Summer Wedding* goodies!!!


Linda :)

Patamomma said...

Thanks so much for all you do, and I enjoy seeing your freebie finds. Love the challenges and sales too. Wanted to let you know what great layouts you shared! Patty