Saturday, July 05, 2008

F&S July 5, 08

Heh I panicked too fast! Luckily it wasn't my local hard disk that crashed but my other ext 300gb where I have a portion of my kits. Not sure of the damage & I only have a partial backup of it. Bad but not as bad as my local hdd would've been since I have all my personal files like Mac's journal there. I've learned my lesson though and wont delay anymore in reinstalling. Just waiting now for Colin to finish working on his proposal. In the meantime, I figured I might as well go through whatever I can & post up some more finds. I'll keep posting as I get a small batch till I have to go.


ScrapOrchard has some great deals going on incl. lots of $1 items at the Farmer Market, only till Sun. Also, the new ScrapOrchard Seedlings have their first collab kit out. On sale for 20% off plus free bragbook.

1. Jennilyn has 40% sale till Jul 9
2. Shabby Pickle has a 30% sale till Jul 6
3. Sunflowers has 50% birthday sale Jul 7 - 11
4. Laura Bratcher has 40% off at FPD till Jul 6
5. Sugarplum Paperie has 30% off min $5 purchase till Jul 6
6. Trish H has 35% off $5 min purchase till Jul 6
7. 40% weekend sale at Scrapladies by Ina's Scrapart, Netmaus & IncaArt

1. QP from ksharonk
2. Papers (shown) & alpha (no preview) from Sue Isaacson at CRD blog
3. QP from Rina Kroes
4. Kit from Tangie Baxter
5-6. Alpha & Wordart from Tina
7. Kit from Digital Crea
8. Glitter stars and flower from Amy Sumrall
9. Mini kit from KimB

1. July 4th freebie from Beckie Wallace
2. Mini sampler from SgD. You have to 'purchase' it.
3. Mini kit from Kiss This Designs . You have to 'purchase' this.
4. Mini addon from Line Designs
5. QP from Mycrevette
6. Mini kit from ScrapShana
7. 4th July freebie from Meredith Fenwick
8. Freebie from Gypsy Chick . CU OVs avail too.
9. Apple Cart Challenge 2 freebie from Ellie Lash at Scrap Orchard You have to be logged in to dl.

1. Templates from Berna Datema
2. Digitals Download a Day from Tallula Moon Jul 5-19
3. QP from ksharonk
4. QP from Beth Rimmer
5. Bragbook freebie from Digimom This weekend only
6. Alpha from LiviaY
7. Doodles from Andreia
8. Kit from Bon Scrapatit
9. Alpha from ScrapIt

1. Kit from ScrapMatters
2. QP from Doudou
3. Template from Mitzie at DSSA
4. Mug insert from SarahBelle
5. Kit elements from Vicki
6. Bracket page from Amanda Thorderson
7-9. A bunch of freebies at DSA

1. QP from GDS
2. Mint Tin Album from SMJ
3. Awesome kit from Eve Recinella
4. QP from ScrapMaori
5. QP from Purple Tulip
6. Kit from Jan Crowley


fun2educate said...

Oh I am so glad things aren't as bad as you first thought!! I must say that you taught me a lesson and I went and backed up all my "stuff" after hearing your news. I told myself after this I would back up each week...hope I keep that promise. Thanks for the list.
Have a great week end.

jan said...

thanks for listing my freebie! :)

SLKozul said...

I am off to back up photos RIGHT NOW! I can not lose my precious pictures - most all else can be replaced time and/or money.

hope the puter situation isn't even as bad as it looks right now.