Tuesday, July 08, 2008

F&S JULY 8, 08

Still havent installed my puter yet.
Colin ran a chkdsk on the suspect hdds, that took a looooonnnngggg time because there were a LOT of faults.
Finally gave up on it and tried to just salvage & copy over whatever is still good which took another loooonnnnnnggg while.
Then I discovered our leaking split unit aircon has been leaking into more than the bucket we cleverly placed under it.
A couple dozen books spoiled, 2 bookcases spoiled, bottom of 1 photo album all icky.
Thankfully Mac's 1st month photo album (which also has my ultrasounds plus misc souvenirs) was in a protective plastic case so the album itself was ok. I would've cried buckets if it wasnt.
So I've been busy moving stuff out, inspecting damage and cleaning up those that can be salvaged.
We'll be getting a new aircon, a simple window unit this time, tomorrow probably. And new bookcases.
That means moving furniture around, taking stuff out, putting them back in again.

I've added a slideshow of the LOs you ladies very kindly sent in using my templates ----->
I've updated the July Daily Download links there too ----->
Also, while backing up my Bookmarks, I was reminded of the other stuff I have there besides shop links and made up some Resources links as well. Brushes, actions, LR presets, printing sites, sketch sites, etc etc. Yup, to the right too ------>
That's pretty much most of my 'Digiscrap Misc' boomarks & when I feel like being hardworking again, I'll add in Fonts, Quotes & Poems & Tutes & whatever else I find as I look through the rest of my rusty bookmarks.

btw, any Harvestmoon fans here?? I came across my Harvestmoon spreadsheet & it made me a little itchy to play again. I know it's old but pre-Mac days, Colin & I used to stay up all night to play, even on work days. He played the controls, I sat beside with my laptop & trusty spreadsheet open, instructing him where to go, who to talk to, what to buy, when to buy, what to plant, who to seduce & how to get powerberries.
We never finished all 5 years because we already pretty much got everything by Year 3 & it was no longer challenging. All the animals, fish, crops, berries, all the girls were on max hearts but we married Ann, of course, & had the baby & were probably the equivalent of billionaires IRL. Wished I live in a Harvestmoon world :D I could do with a spreadsheet info of my life! When Mac gets a little bigger, I think I'll teach him to play. Besides being fun, it'd be great for building mathematical, social & some logical skills :D

K, I'm rambling. So anyways, I got some finds & sales for those of you who're still around. Haven't dl-ed anything much myself the last couple days, it's sad when a designer can make a kit faster than I can dl!


30% New Release Tues at Digitalfreebies. Lot of great stuff, far more than shown here. Go take a gander.

Rachel Young has these for $1 at SBG Deals of the Day . There are some 50% discounted stuff from other designers too.

1. After you've checked out those, trot over to the Lilypad. It's $1 Tadpole Tues & there are 15 awesome deals incl the fairly new Breezy Collab kit, alphas from Kate Hadfield, NBraxton's Hanging Hearts, CU textures & swirls.
2. Janet Phillips has her grabbags out $2.50 normal or $4 supersized. ON Designs also has grabbags 7 & 8 out. $5 each or $8.50 for both. SBG Grabbags Section If you'd like to see what you're getting before spending so much, you can check out the Digi Grabbags Revealed Blog
3. Studio Taran is closing. 60% off Jul 5-9.
4. Sunflowers has a 50% sale Jul 7-11 at Hotspotscraps
5. Jofia is guest at FPD and has an element pack similar to her Ephemerals at 20% off . I believe she's having a sale sometime this month too so save some money for it if you like her stuff.
6. Grand opening of Mirranda Reindhart's store. 50% off Jul 7-13


Note: The Digitals newsletter is out and there are some freebies.

1. Papers from Kay Eflin at e-Scape and Scrap
2. QP from Connie Prince at GottaPixel only avail till JUL 10. You have to be logged in to dl.
3. Mini kit from MickeyB
4. QP from Dea Spina at Digitals
5. Batter Up Bundle from Beckie Wallace
6. Freebie from Katef
7. Alpha from Blythe Evans . You have to be logged in to dl.
8. Sunflower's birthday gift at Hotspotscraps (look under Freebies) . You have to "purchase" this.
9. Cluster frame from KristinCB

1. Backpack from Faith True at LOLS.
2. Puffy paint alpha from Tina Chambers at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
3. Frame from Donna Duncombe
4. QP from Dunia Acaun
5. Bragbook QP from SBE . You have to be logged in to dl.
6. Number lines from Danielle Young
7. New weekly sample from Elka Romero
8. Template from KimB
9. Mini kit from Ellie Lash at ScrapMatters

1. Mini shaped QPs from Dydyge
2. Template from Yin
3. Corkboard kids from Beckie Wallace
4. The Daily Scrapper freebie from Britt-ish Designs. Only till JUL 11
5. Mini kit from Miss Vivi . The zip's PW-protected, be sure to get it in the blog post - if you dont read French, just go through it slowly, the PW is in English & appears just after "Mot de passe du fichier .zip ".
6. Wordart from AmySumrall
7. CU textures from OneScrappyMom
8. QP & sticker tute from Beth
9. Full kit from AmelieScrap. 2 DAYS only.

1. Kit from Purple_colourz
2. Template by Erica
3. Template from Shazzbutt
4. Start of new kit from Vicki. These are the papers.
5. Paperpack from Nicole at DSP . You have to be logged in to dl.
6. Scalloped album from Snowmoon
7. Acrylic Word stamps from Heavenly Scraps
8. Dotty Alpha from Digital Anemona
9. Template from Jill & Jack TUES ONLY


Beckie said...

Thanks so much for the listings! Your list is fantastic, as always!

Nicole Young said...

Thanks for listing me!! I really appreciate it! :)

OneScrappyMom said...

Thank you again for linking to my freebie. It's much appreciated!!

fun2educate said...

Glad to see you back on line!! Thanks for the list.