Friday, July 04, 2008

sob sob sob

I'm hearing the funeral dirge for my poor puter :( I rebooted it just now to clear the cache, went to make a cup of coffee and came back to see the windows system screen with row after row of 'file record segment [a bunch of numbers] is unreadable'. Since I missed the initial startup, I have no idea what is being scanned but it doesnt seem like it's the ext hdd which I'd been expecting to keel over at any time. I think it's my local drive :( It's been scanning for more than half an hour and not sure how long it'll take and if my system can still start up after that. I'll definitely be out of commission for quite a while :( Hmm, the file record thing is done and now it's rows of 'deleting an index entry from index $0 of file 25'. I'd never seen these type of errors before in my previous job. I feel a bit like I'm in an ICU waiting room waiting for the verdict. Anyway I'm borrowing Colin's PC now, just wanted to let you guys know I wont be around. Save some freebies & sales for me, wont you? :)

the chicken signing off!

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~*Tina*~ said...

awww.. poor ann :( best of luck to your friend in ICU. hope he recovers.