Saturday, June 28, 2008

More LOs to show-off, S&F June 29, 2008

Looky looky! I have 3 more gorgeous LOs to show off! woohoo! :D

Amy did 2! One using a modifcation on my template 4 & another with template 3

Joy by Amy Sumrall
Isnt it beautiful?? I love how she modified the template, the bright happy colours, the swirls & the title alpha on the photo itself!

Focused by Amy Sumrall
I love how she had her title in that little torn corner, so creative! Beautiful bright colours, love the glitter & patterned paper and of course that very cute photo. (and frankly this was the first thing I was bursting to mention - did anyone notice by any chance that it's PINK as well? :D)

LOVE em both, thankee very kindly, dear Amy dear Amy! :)
(images are linked to her gallery so pls leave her a comment if you can :))

I received this oh-so-gorgeous LO from Angela as well using template 3!

Journey by Angela Pound
(credits: Irene Alexeeva's Balinese Blues blog freebie, wordart by Lisa Carter and the fill for the doodles & butterflies are papers from Michelle Coleman's Wild Sorbet freebie)

Angela says that beautiful girl is her granddaughter Amy. The photos are so lovely and I love the tilted alpha/title & wordstrips. The beaded circles around the photos looks wonderful & the kit she used is just perfect & so gorgeous! Love it, thanks very much, Angela!!

I'm totally in ecstatics at all the beautiful LOs I've received!! :) Can you picture my grin everytime I see them? :D Once I get a bit more free time, I'll be setting up a slideshow to display them all!

Ginger, thanks very much for linking me :) Re your suggestion, I'm not really a blinkie person but it's funny how I was just thinking about it a couple of days ago! The blinkie I'd pictured is sorta like this -
Frame 1 :- (fade in) a cute (no, make that gorgeous!) hen & a handsome rooster standing together with a flashing big red heart behind them (fade out)
Frame 2 :- the hen coming in from the left in bridal gown & veil carrying flowers, the rooster coming in from the right in wedding jacket (fade out)
Frame 3 :- (fade in) the hen sitting on an egg with the rooster behind her (fade out)
Frame 4 :- (fade in) the hen (no longer quite as gorgeous), rooster (still as handsome) & a very cute lil chick running around (fade out)
Frame 5 :- my blog address
I doubt I'd be able to create what I pictured though so it'll only blink in my imagination :D When you guys visit, perhaps you can imagine it flashing away too :)


1. Blythe Evans has 40% off Commercial Use items
2. SBE has a 25% sale Jun 28 - Jul 5 Central Time. There are also 8 grab bags up for grabs :)

3. Krystal Hartley has 40% off her Moody Hues series kits at Faith Sisters or Polka Dot Potato .
4. 25ct items at DesignerDigitals
5. Krista has these 2 kits for $1 at her personal store - Classic & Celebrate America


*STICKY*Daily Download at Digitals Jun 27- Jul 4 are 2 Hybrid albums called Night & Day by the Twisted Sisters
Sunshine Wonder Week Daily Download Day
Retrodiva's Freebie a Day

1. Lovely kit from IreneA How I wish I hadnt already bought it! :D
2. Summer doodles from Angelica
3. Paper block templates from Krystal Hartley
4. Get this freebie from creashens in the 2 little pixels newsletter
5. Bragbook QP from Amanda Thorderson
6. Addon kit from MGL Scraps
7. Free download from The Daily Scrapper is a mini kit from Sugarplum. You have to 'purchase' it.
8. Alpha from Vicki
9. If you do portrait 4x6 LOs, Curths Digital Designs has quite a few templates in her blog.

1. Mini Addon kit from Christine Ousley
2. Kiddie Kit by Shilo
3. Wordart from Pat Christensen
4. Template from Shazzbutt
5-7. Wordart from Bethany, the 1st one from her blog & the other 2 from Amberlee and TiggerScraps blogs.
8. Template from Yin
9. QP album from DigiScrap4all

1. Mini kit from Chrisscrap
2. QP from Holly Ann at GDS. You have to 'purchase' it.
3. Mini kit from Crisdam
4. Kit from Aussie Scrappers
Need desktops for July?
5. From Nathy
6. From Shabby Princess
7. From Dani Mogstad
8. From Penny Springman
9. From Julie Mead

*waves* Have a great weekend!


fun2educate said...

Hello Ann,
I am fully recovered as it was just minor surgery. Got my stitches out on Wednesday and I went to the beach for a few days. I have a summer home down there so I often will go down a few days each month. Sorry I didn't tell you I would be rude of me!! You were the first place I came when I got home...I really missed you too*smiles* OK, now that I have confessed, made my apologies and eased my guilty conscious I am going back to read what I missed, look at the layouts, check the sales that are still around, and grab a freebie or two.

Thanks for missing me. Until the blog police finds this stalker I will always be around!!!

Thanks for the list and all your hard work putting it together.

See you tomorrow.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ann,

Just found your blog a couple weeks ago. I have a page I made with you templat#3. You did a great job with this one.

whatkatiedid said...

Wow, what amazing layouts! I'm off to download your templates, many thanks!!

Ginger said...

OMG you crack me up!! FUNNY!!! Ok, I will use my imagination. You did paint a very nice picture for me... it would be so cute if you could make it :) Maybe someone out there in blog land will read this and make one for you. Until then I will imagine :) Ginger

SLKozul said...

Ann- I wish I could make your blinkie - I can totally see it in my head and it is just the cutest thing ever!!!

I love your blog - its the only one I MAKE time to visit now that I'm busier than ever. You always bring a smile to my face.

Amy said...

How sweet! I didn't know you put my Lo's here! You are the best! Sophie is having a rough day here, so not much getting done on this end either. She has a tumy virus poor thing. I'm knee deep in puke and poop. TMI??? LOL!