Monday, June 30, 2008

A LO to show & S&F Jun 30, 08

I'm playing truant so I'll try to be as quick as I can :D I told myself not to even peek at my Reader till I have my LOs done but the thought of all those Bold posts piling up weakened my resolve!

Grace, so glad you're ok! :) So you were just off enjoying yourself? Hmpf, and here I was pulling my hair out in worry and distress :D Thanks for 'checking in' :D

Hi Margo! Glad to know it's you, thanks for visiting! :)

Kate, I'm honoured by your visit and so pleased you actually want my template! :D Thanks very much! I'm a huge fan of your work :)

I've only managed to get 2 layouts done till now and that only because I abandoned Mac to the neighbour's house again. I can't post the other one yet, I think it's a tad better than this one which is even more of a mess than usual but trying to improve it will probably take me another day so...!

All by Rachel Young
Scrap Happies Set 1 Template, Sweet Escape Collab with Amanda Rockwell, Salvaged Creamy Cardboard, Pin Pokes, Paper Towels, Frayed Fabric Templates, Funky Junky 3 Summer Lovin Collab with Michelle Godin, Kate Hadfield & Sausan & Fab Fabric Buttons
except the following:
My Journey Alpha: Cinzia Loosemore
Fun Dough Alpha: Jill D-Zines
Play Doh Alpha freebie: Amy Sumrall
Journal stamp from Scrapblog Celebrate Collab posting bonus

And YAY! I have another LO to show off using template 3!!!

Cousins by Cherebus [image is linked to her gallery, pls leave her a comment if you can :))

It's gorgeous, I love it, Cheryl! And wow, Alex has grown a LOT since I last 'saw' him! Thank you so much for using my template!! :) :) :)


1. Check out Ziggle Designs blog if you're interested in this kit.

1. DSP's 99ct Item of the Week by Marcee Duggar
2. Amanda Thorderson's Father & Son collection is 50% off at Digitals
3. DDE's June Idea Notebook $3 avail till Jul 14
4-5. Jen Wilson has these 2 kits at only $1. There are also another 2 patriotic kits (Canada & US) at $2, 50% off.
6. Michelle Godin has her Summer Mix kit at $4, 50% off in SBG's Deal of the Day section
7-9. Tami, Lottchen & Tamelli are holding a 1Euro sale at Scrapladies. These are just a couple of previews I grabbed from each of them. If you've never shopped there, it's worth checking out. Look in the freebies & samplers section too, there are quite a few there.

10. Scrapdish has a 25% storewide sale Jun 29 - Jul 5
11. Kathryn Estry has a 50% sale for CU items Jun 29 & 30
12. LorieM has 40% off her CU items Jun 29 - Jul 5 Aus Time.


1. QP from Amanda Thorderson
2. Template from Shaui
3. Freebie from Ninascraps
4. Template from Jill and Jack
5. Canada kit from Nancy
6. Mini addon from LSDS
7. Alpha & furry guy from Shilo
8. Template from Curth's Designs
9. QP from Beth Rimmer

1. Mini kit from Bethany
2. A4 template from Kylie Moore
3. Glass brackets from Shawn Headley
4. 3 QPs from Maelia
5. Kit from Gina Miller at Shutterfly
6. CU Butterfly from MissVivi
7. Template from neeceebee
8. Swirlie and paper from Amy Sumrall
9. Kit from Mimilou to celebrate her birthday

1. Photoshop Shape Freebie from KCS Designs
2. Bragbook template from SBE. You have to be logged in to dl.
3. Cupcake from Flergs
4. Canada Day QP from Rina Kroes
5. QPs from Stephanie Ogren
6. Kit from Purple_colourz
7. Template from Kristin Aagard
8. QP from Digital Arts Cafe
9. QP from Scrap Desafios. Remember to note down the PW.

1. Kit from Silver Rocket Scraps
2. CU Jeans pockets from Shilo
3. Wordart from Bethany
4. Template from WW
5. Template from Lindsay Jane
6. Train template from Val
7. Photoshop brushes from Pixel Moon Studio
8. Can't believe I haven't listed Gunhild yet although everyone probably knows of her already. But if you've never been to her blog, be prepared to find yourself in scrapcandyland :) Lots more goodies (& they're CU ok too) at her blog. Click on Friday Freebie page for the latest.

K, back to the grindstone :D Y'all be good! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your latest layout. You are very creative. I love all the elements and the way you did the title. Thanks again for the list and sales report. Now, go get Mac and have a great week!
See ya tomorrow Sweetie..........grace

Nicole Young said...

Hey Chick! We miss you over at DSP! I still have some of your pages in my favs!!! Hope you will stop by and say hi sometime! And show us some more of your amazing work! You are SO SO creative!
Thanks for coming to check out my blog!
:) Nicole

Kristin said...

Hey lady! I can't tell you enough how much I love your layouts!
Thanks for listing my template!

Momma Byrd said...

Chick -

It's the other Byrd - Mommabyrd. Missing you and Mac. I saw your blog listed on Bethy's favorites and been reading. I decided to take time to say hello! LOVE the layouts you've been doing lately.

Beckie said...

Thank you SO much for your fantastic freebie lists! I have linked you up on my blog and am hoping to get on your radar :o) Really appreciate your hard work!!


Jill said...

love that gorgeous colourful LO of your poor abandoned child (LOL) playing with playdoh. He looks absorbed by it. The colour choices are gorgeous:)

Jill said...

ps- when it says Jill- it's me Greenfingers, must remember to add that to the end otherwise you might think I'm 1 of the other ubiquitous Jills.