Friday, June 27, 2008

A LO to share & F&S Jun 27, 08

First off - GRACE, are you recovering ok??? You cant throw the word surgery around and then disappear for 3 days! I want my stalker back! :) btw, you really need to start a blog so I can 'talk' to you there sometime instead of here :)

Yay! I have another LO to share made with my template# 3 from Julia!

1971 Backyard by webfrau (gotta love her username ya? :D)
(image is linked to her gallery, apprec if you can pls leave her a comment if you can :))

Love how she used it for her older photos! And doesnt she look adorable, esp in that pink dress?? :D LOL this LO made me suddenly realise that the LOs inspired by this template so far are ALL PINK, my own included! (although in my own defense, mine does have blue too :D) Heh, heh :D It's beautiful, Julia, thanks so much! :)

Amy, looking forward to seeing yours :) Is it pink too by any chance?? Or heaven forbid --- PURPLE?! :D

"Margo", would that be Ms M Margo by any chance??

Ok, today's finds...


ScrapOrchard has a Mystery Mega kit at a very special price of $3. It includes a mega kit, bragbook and a CU bonus. (the contents are a mystery to me too :D) Other 'fresh fruit' is at 20% off.

1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale at Kissed Studio
2. Lindsay Jane has 50% off her Christmas & Easter items at SBB until Jul 1
3. $1 Fab Friday I esp love Cori Gammon's bracket album and there are also CU OVs for those interested.


This week's Friday Freebie from Digitalfreebies is Photo Splits 2 from Maria la France.

1. Sunshine Wonder Week Daily Download Day 6
2-3. Daily Download at Digitals - 2 Hybrid albums called Night & Day by the Twisted Sisters Love the b&w! You have to 'purchase' it.

1. Very pretty kit from Danielle Corbitt
2. A colourful QP from NBK
3. Love this viewer disc from Amy W
4. Monkey around for a roaring good time with Tina Chambers!
5. Paperpack from Green Elephant at HSS blog
6. CU OVs from Redju
7. Multi-photo template from Lively Up
8. Flowers from Christina Renee
9. An explosive mini kit from Bon Scrapatit

1. Night Safari kit from Akizo
2. Beautiful mini kit from ksharonk
3. Papers from Kaagard
4. Cute QP from Livia
5. A furry little guy from Shilo
6. CU OV from MK Designs
7. 'Candy jar' kit from TrishH at Digital Candy
8. Chipboard alpha from Amberlee
9. Kit from mrsaboyer

BTW, my 2 new harddisks AND new RAM!! (gosh, I LUV my hubby! :D) are finally here. I have to try to locate some scrapping mojo and free time to complete 7 (yes, SEVEN!) CT LOs before month end after which I'll start the reinstallation process. That'll take me quite a while as I want it all properly organized and backed up & that includes about 100Gb of kit zips to extract & file. So I just wanted to let you all know that from now on till it's completed, my posts will be choppy & I'm likely to miss quite a few days.

Of course after saying all that, I maynt be able to keep away & you'll still see me posting everyday :D

Till I next see you all again, happy shopping & dl-ing!!!


Amy said...

I used your's awesome! LO is on my blog! Thanks Chickie!

Ginger said...

You need to make a blinkie.. I linked you on my blog today, I put you in my list of favorite blogs. If you make a blinkie I will put that up on there too.

Amy said...

I am now officially addicted to your templates! I did another LO...on my blog! LOL! More please!!!! Oh, and you might want to put a TOU in with them, so people can credit you the right way!

Amy said...

LOL, OK I am leaving you a 3rd comment on this post because I don't know how else to get ahold of you!! LOL! can you please email me at I need to ask you something! Ooooh, mysterious!

Margo said...

Yes... that would be Ms M Margo!! Hello! Love your blog!! :)