Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mac's 32 months today & Freebies Jun 14, 08

In just a few short months, Mac'll be 3! It feels both like it was just yesterday and yet also feels like it was ages ago when I first held him. I think this is my favourite phase - I love his growing awareness, the constant surprise I feel when he makes coherent sentences and uses words I dont remember teaching him, it's particularly cute when he makes his own interpretation and creates his own sentences when he doesnt know the proper ones, introducing him to new things and places and seeing him enjoying them, his excitement and enthusiasm for everything. There's stubbornness and rebellion and outright frustration too but I'm pretending those dont exist for now :D We're also the closest we've ever been and I esp love that he's learned to say I love you mama (even if he is probably just saying it by rote :D) I really need to remember to get it recorded (because goodness knows how long he'll be willing to say it :D) so that I can save it in one of these cool voice recorder thingies I saw at the DSP store and keep in his scrapbook along with some other recordings I have of him.

Speaking of which, if you're anything like me, since I started scrapping, I tend to take a lot of photos but forget the video, so do remember to do more of that. I love my video of Mac 'singing' and of him talking to his toys and 'flying' an aeroplane. They're a lot better than anything I could've scrapped. And something else I've thought of recently to do for Mac - if you have a child who's started writing, making fonts of his handwriting for journaling or just to keep for him should be fun. Hmmm ok I've been a regular babblebrook recently! But I'm sure most everyone skipped right on the list so I wont feel too bad about it :D

Grace, thanks for asking after Mac :) He still has the infection but it's slowly clearing up & the doctor said it'll take maybe 4-5 days but he's now itch-free thanks to the cream and medication which are really awesome!

OK, on to the list :) (No new sales today that I've found)


1. Addon kit from Britt-ish Designs
2. Siblings wordart from Bethany
3. Kit from Kylie Moore
4. Kit from Benexav Digiscrap
5. Kit from Le Scrap de Joey
6. Kit from Malily
7. Another freebie from ZigZag, a mini alpha
8. Dragon from KimB
9. Boy addon kit from Mira Designs

1. Kit by Cinnamon designs on Evitangel's blog
2. Alpha from Newlife
3. Collab kit by Raspberry Road & byGodsDesign The other links can be found in the blog.
4. Kit from Jenlin
5. Kit from Cecile
6. Kit from Maelia
7-9. Some of the freebies from

1. School doodles from Amy Sumrall
2. QP from Shannon Boyd
3. Bragbook QPs from Terry F
4. Kit from TammyKat
5. Mini kit from Kristin Aagard
6. Star stickers from Pri Rocha

If Mac's still sleeping, I'll be popping in again later to post some (ok, a lot!) overdue pics and new freebie additions if any. 'wave'


sandygb said...

Hi Ann - Just wanted to let you know that I am subscribed to your blog, so if you see visitors from West Chester,'s most likely ME!!! Love the links you post to the cool freebies. Hope you get your computer problems resolved soon!!!

Amy said...

I am so in love with your blog and all the news about your little man! Thanks again for listing my freebies too! Gosh, 3 years old. OMG, it goes too fast doesnt it? I am torn between looking forward to Sophie doing those things and wanting to keep her a baby. LOL. Have a great weekend!!!!

Paula said...

Hey Annie! Sandy sent me the link to your blog! Wowzers it's a truly great thing you're doing listing current freebies and sales! I might have to stop all my subscriptions and just get my info from you! Even if I have to dust off my high school french to get to them! Thanks bunches and Mac is still adorable!


fun2educate said...

Hi Ann,
So glad Mac is itch free! You are so right about taking video and recording voices to remember along with the scrapping. I have a recording of my little girl (now 28) saying some of her first words and I wouldn't take anything for it. Time goes by so fast...treasure every moment.
Thanks for the great list and sales report. The 70% sale at SBB took a chunk of my money yesterday, thanks to you..LOL!!
Have a great week end.