Friday, June 13, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 13, 08

Woohoo! Colin's getting me new HDDs! Read that - "ssss"! Not one but TWO HDDs! And I swear I didn't nag, whine, grumble or make promises of luscious delights! :D Well, ok, a leeeeeeetle grumbling but not as much as I did here. Yay, another 500GB which we'll install in his PC and I can access via our LAN AND a 250GB to replace the current 120 in my laptop. We'll get an external casing for the 120 so after getting a warranty replacement for my current 500, I'll have another 750 total to play with! That should last me another 6 months :D The stock should arrive next week after which I'll power down for a few days to reinstall everything. Dare I admit that I have almost 200 GB of kits that I haven't even unzipped yet?! With all that shiny new space, I'll have no more excuses & will be busy unzipping, renaming, moving and organising for quite a while. Nothing like a new HDD to get a girl giddy :D OK, enough of that, on to the listing :)

Freebie Finds

1. You can get this Alpha from Lisa Whitney if you sign up with her Yahoo group. Details on her blog
2. QP from Scrapbooks Gone Digital
3. Stitches from Akiloune
4. Alpha from Vicki20
5. Mini kit from Mandy Mystiques
6. Kit from Aprilmouse & Hanulienka
7. Bragbook QPs from Beth Long
8. 2 QPs from Livia's Designs (only 1 shown)
9. Free for Limited Time from See Jane Scrap at Scrapartist You have to 'purchase' this.

1. Sketch plate from Anita Stergiou only until Jun 15 You have to use the coupon code found in her blog to purchase for free in the store.
2. Lovely scraplet from Bonnie Beechler with Bon Scrapatit's Jeanealogy kit You have to be logged in to download.
3. Father's Day Cards from Rina Kroes
4. A lovely mini Kit from Anna Aspnes at Shutterfly
5. Love the colours in this kit from Shauna . Be sure to note down the password.
6. Mini Kit from April Anderton [there was no preview, this is one of the papers in the kit]

Friday Freebie from Dielle at Digitalfreebies

Sales & Specials

I love the Funky Junky series and the 3rd one is now out! Funky Junky III Summer Lovin' from Rachel Young, Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin & Sausan Designs.

1. $1 Friday Specials at Scrapdish I got the Date It Beads from Kim Jensen, should be very useful.
2. Throughout June, Anna Benjamin at SBG will be offering new products at deep discounts for 24-48 hours only. It's butterflies today. If you like her work, keep checking back her studio.
3-4. $1 Fab Friday at Scrapartist. An awesome selection today incl a CU OV from Aja Abney. At the time I looked, some were in Fab Friday Section & some in Specials. As usual, try to check back again close to the deadline in case there are new additions.
5. Kari Hentzelt has a 70% sale (use coupon DAD70ILU) at her SBB store
6. Gotta Pixel's Gotta Grab It Event Jun 13 - 20 - everything for $1 !

Have a lucky Friday!!!

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fun2educate said...

I am happy, happy, happy for you!! Have great fun with your new toy. What a sweet husband you have.

Thanks again for the great list. Have a great week end.

PS> BTW has Mac's itching stop? Poor Baby, I do hope he is out of misery soon. Nothing worst than itching!!