Saturday, June 14, 2008

2 new freebies & some pics

Hey there, Sandy & Paula!! Nice to have my 'mum' and 'aunt' join in the hunt :) As you can see, I've taken my freebie & sales addiction to a whole new level :D

Found 2 new freebies since just now - a beautiful mini kit from ksharonk and lovely flowers from Ellie Lash

Pics May 24 - Jun 12, 08

My brother's family on transit in Brunei on their way to NZ. Mac with his cousin Fina, my brother & my SIL respectively.

Watching the aeroplanes while waiting for my brother's plane to arrive on transit on their return from holiday
"bye-bye, aeroplane"
"mama, look! aeroplane fly-fly"
Taking 'photo' of the aeroplane
With Fina che-che after they arrived

Swensen's & new arcade
- Mac making his very first order to a waitress. 'I want THIS' (ice-cream). OK, and what else do you want? Would you like the chicken or the burger? 'THIS, I want THIS' Yes, you can have the ice-cream but before that, what would you like? 'THIS!!!' OK...
- flying a rocketship
- 'fishing'
- finally a single-token 'car' machine
(I have to admit my eyes gleamed a little when I saw the rocketship and fishing rod - I may finally have a use for my rocket and fishing kits :D)

- enjoying his new bowling game
- my boy cheats at bowling

Just cos he looked cute :D

- mama, you want carrot?
- my lil sushi chef

Sleepless nights
- midnight Jun 6 (playdoh)
- 1.30am Jun 7 ("cooking" for mama)
- 1am Jun 9 (playing with papa)

Finally getting a much-needed haircut. Mac behaved beautifully sitting very still but his face was very very solemn throughout :D

Celebrating Steph's birthday @ Senja
- (outside the restaurant) mama, look! the miaow-miaow goyang-goyang!
- enjoying his first taste of tomato soup
- loves blowing out the tealight candles
- Colin & Steph

- Gill & Steph
- Gill attacking (erm I mean enjoying) her salad
- a big grin from the birthday 'boy'
- Steph's gotten enormously fat & is on a diet :D and requested no cake. so we made do with a dessert souffle instead. That's my hand holding the lighter in place of a candle for him to blow (we arent usually this cheap :D)

- our bedroom (beds behind) plus playroom (everywhere) plus TV room (corner) plus living room (sofa behind) plus computer room (to the left) plus storage room (everywhere that's not occupied by Mac's toys)
- Mac, noticing me taking photos, abandoned the TV & demanded HIS camera. All too often nowadays, everytime I try to take his photo, THIS is the type of photo I get instead!

Have a great weekend :)


fun2educate said...

These pictures are precious. That little one of yours is just too cute! I am so glad you posted pictures of important events and just everyday living...makes it like you are really a friend sharing with another friend what is going on in your life. You really are my new cyber friend and I am glad to "meet" more of your family.
Thanks for sharing.

sandygb said...

OMG, look how grown up Mac looks with his new haircut. He is just as darling as ever and I love getting caught up with all of these current photos of him. Now we need to see some new photos of you too!!! Love MUM (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Ann! I did not realize this was your blog! Beth linked you up on her blog, but a few days (a week ago?) someone else that I can't remember now, also linked your blog for a template. I didn't see photos of Mac, otherwise I would have known it was you! Anyway, good to see you again and I am adding you to my reader! How cool! Oh, this is ScrapMel by the way - I haven't been on at DSP in a while now, so I hope you remember me!

ScrapShana said...

Great pics! Love the comments after each of them. :)

Shaa Safiq said...

hey aunty. I found you. Gonna linked you. Ehehe..I miss mac already.