Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm in pain!

Only another avid bargain-hunter (aka el cheapo :D) would understand the extreme pain I'm in right now. There are 6, yes SIX!!! kits on sale right now for ONE dollar and I mean only ONE dollar for SIX kits (not 6 kits @ $1 each) and I can't get my grubby mitts on them! sigh....

I'll be back later with the list of freebies & sales/bargains, I just had an extreme urge to whine :)

Oh and I cant believe I left out FPD's $1 Thurs yesterday! I just checked and saw there are still some items on special so rush on over if you're keen. This is my search link, not sure if it'll work. If not, just do an advanced search for $0 - $1 products. I particularly like Rachel Young's Tickets!

Ta for now!


Greenfingers said...

Love the Macadoodle greeting:)

Greenfingers said...

I forgot to say- that's a superb LO further down the page. I still can't work out what it is you have been asked to do though.
Cheers Jill