Friday, May 30, 2008

Left one out!

Lovely kit from Michelle Coleman at

Btw, is there anyone even reading this stuff? I started this for lack of stuff to say sometimes & to show-off my acquisitions to myself :D but gotta admit it's getting a little tedious. I will try to continue though if anyone's finding it even a little useful?

It's midnight, kiddo's sound asleep & I'm trying to decide whether to continue journaling my ever-growing pile of photos or unzip a few of 9 months worth of unzipped zips (sorry but it IS midnight!) or attempt to start a LO. I'm required to do an intro About Me LO for my new site CT (did I mention I accepted their offer?) & I'm really not looking forward to doing it! I'll probably end up gallery-surfing and sneaking in a little window-shopping before falling asleep on the keyboard as usual though.

Anyways, have a nice morning / afternoon / evening / night, depending on where you are :)

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