Friday, May 30, 2008

Freebies & Sales May 30, 08

First, thanks Breeoxd & Jill for leaving a comment :) Jill, a CT (Creative Team) is like DET in DSP - we create & post LOs in exchange for free kits :)

Hehe, I'm no longer in pain because the sweetest hubby in the world (well, sometimes :D) came to the rescue. After about a week of ZERO shopping, Amanda Rockwell's Back in Black Collection of 6 kits for only $1 was the straw that broke THIS camel's back so I asked Colin if he would mind going out to pay $50 first into my CC. I'm lucky enough to have a guy who totally understands "It's a SALE!" (which is also why we're constantly broke!) but I forgot that tomorrow's a public holiday here so there's no way the payment would be processed in time. He then offered his CC (which since he's not as much the spendthrift I am actually still has funds in it) so yay, I get to shop!! well, a teensy weensy bit :D


Scrapartist $1 Friday:

I'm of course getting the Back in Black Collection & probably also Aja Abney's Altered Art in a Box. In 'normal' times, I might've also considered Cori Gammon's bracket album (I LOVE albums, esp the $1 and freebie ones :D) but will have to pass now. Similarly for Bohemian's Art (no pic) Jungle kit - I'd been eyeing it ever since they were at Scrapladies but I already have 4 zoo kits and we don't even have any zoos here!

I also snatched up RYD's Tickets which I mentioned earlier and L Bratcher's Stitched Alpha at FPD and planning on getting ON's Grabbag at SBG:

A couple other good deals: DSP's 99ct IOTW for this week (ends Sun): and I like this Scalloped Album at PDW's $2 Fave Fridays:

Freebie Finds:

There are too many today so I had to squish them all together. Makes uploading a lot easier so I may carry on this way.

1. The 2nd part of DK Duo's kit is this week's Friday Freebie at Digitalfreebies:
2. A mini kit addon from Ellie Lash:
3. Amy Sumrall's Round 4 entry as well as a few others for Scrap Orchard's SYTYCD Contest:
4. Paper pack from: She has a few other freebies still available too.
5. (you need a store account to 'purchase' this) I like the paper flower (not sure of the name?), it's unique to me and it looks very well-extracted too.
6. I dont read German so I could be getting this wrong but I think this may be part of a collab kit.
7. Drop shadow style freebie from Flergs:
8. DSP's freebie this week from Kim Liddiard:
9. Nice alpha from Kami of Ziggle Designs:

10. Kiddie themed cardboard stuff from Kylie Moore:

11. Some cute elements from Krystal Hartley:

12. Kasia's contribution to the WAS Momtourage Collab:

13. Strawberry-themed mini addon from Mira Designs:
14. This is 1 of 3 freebies from 2 Little Pixels newsletter. The newsletter download link is here:

15. This is very late but still available. Peppermint's freebie for this month:

16. Part 3 of a bragbook set. You'll need to get the password from the blog.

17 & 18. Mini shaped QPs from: I'll probably use these as an element in a normal LO.

19. Template from:

20. Template from:

21. Template from:

22. Template from:

23. This SBG Studio Girls Collab freebie is not available yet but if you're interested, make sure to subscribe to It should be in their July 1 issue.

24. QP from Traci Reed's CT blog:


Greenfingers said...

Congrats on CT then Ann- did I see the word "free" kits LOL- but they know they will get some great LOs from you:)

SLKozul said...

Thanks so much for the blog mention for my freebie - and thanks even more for the comment that led me to find your delightful blog. I love your commentary and will be checking back.


Amy said...

Hey, I am glad I found your blog through my google alerts! It's now bookmarked and I will be stopping in often! Thanks for mentioning my round 4 kit! =)