Friday, October 01, 2010

NeeNee $1.35 sale & just me rambling

If you like Nee Nee's templates, she has a moving sale at SugarHillCo & all her templates are $1.35.

Worked full day today till 7pm (trying to make up for a dismal 1st day) but it was a good day results-wise. Mac has started a runny nose & slight cough (caught from me :( ) & today had a slight fever so I told Colin to skip school today. He's fine otherwise, not displaying any 'sickliness'. There's no school tomorrow being Friday (his school follows the govt schedule which has Fri & Sun off) so I'll work half-day & might even be home before he wakes up since he tends to sleep till at least noon. Hopefully I'll also have some time to finally finish editing his birthday photos from 2 weeks ago!

Linda, Barbara, Sarah - thanks for the visit & leaving comments! I didnt realise I never set an email address to be notified of comments so I missed them entirely. Wish I didnt have to put it on moderation but I got so fed up of all the weird comments I kept getting. Not to mention I would get all excited everytime I see I have a comment only to see it's spam~!  Linda, all those coincidences are quite amazing really! There definitely must be some sort of connection between us! :D

Have a wonderful day/evening, all :)


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Sarah K - Sentiments by Sarah said...

the blog train from earlier in the week was awesome - thank you! I'm happy to see you back to blogging - I'll read along whether there are deals or not.