Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wed shopping deals

Some regular Wed deals:-
DigiscrappersBrasil $1 Wed
Lilypad 50% Wibbit Wed
Catscrap 50% Designer's Choice

A freebie from Julia Fialho at her store (requires store checkout):

I have a terrible weakness for doodled stuff. Thought this QP is cute.

If I were doing P365, today would be one of the rare few days where I'd actually have something to write about myself. After almost exactly 4 years enjoying being a layabout, today I started working again. It's temporary, part-time (half-day but I can work full day if I wish) plus I don't get a salary, only commission. But the job offers the ideal compromise for me at this time (well, as long as I manage to earn something!) - some income without too much sacrifice of time with Mac. Wish me luck, please!! I really hope this would work out so I can delay a full-time job hopefully for another year...

Good night for now! :)

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Ann, I cannot tell you HOW good it is to see you back again sweetie!

I was just over here a few weeks ago, had you on my heart and wondering what was going on in your precious life and VOILA, you have returned lovely lady!

I've been quite MIA the past year myself and have just revamped my blog and am heading straight over to post your link back again. I still receive you in my inbox, thank goodness and had to do a double-take in case these 'ol feeble eyes might have been deceiving me! No, they were seeing just fine and here you are! WOOT, WOOT!

Mac is just as ADORABLE as ever and I have to share something with you as I have this "thing" with numbers as one of my daughters tells me.

I was browsing through your calendar, so I owe both you and Mac a "belated" Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Ann! Happy Birthday Mac!!!

Your birthday (9/9) is the same day as our DIL, Sofie's and Mac's birthday (9/14) is the same day as Sofie's firstborn, Lohgan, who just turned 3!

I then noticed Gill's birthday (5/9), which is also my oldest sister's date of birth! Steph's birthday (6/12) is the day after mine and Colin shares a birthday with my stepson, Travis (husband to Sofie and father to Lohgan) on 1/9!

Well, you'd think that was enough, but then there is HM Sultan's birthday (7/15) and that is the day my first granddaughter, Katelyn Rose was born this year!

Not sure what CNY is, but that is the day I gave birth to my second-born son, Mark in 1986!

Hope I've not bored you too much with such trivia, but we share quite a few birthdays, eh? LOL!

I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed that your new job keeps you home with your sweet and precious babe for as long as you wish!

Welcome back darlin' and I look forward to seeing what you find out-and-about in our beloved Scrapland!

Love and hugs,
Linda :D