Monday, October 11, 2010

Charity Kits, Free QPs & chance to win a charity kit

Please read to the bottom if you want a chance to win your choice of the following 2 charity kits.

Image above is linked to 9th & Bloom. It's also available at MScraps.

Copied from MScraps Blog:-
"To help promote the release of our amazing charity collab “Overflow with Beauty”,
the teams of 9th & Bloom and Mscraps have come together to create the most awesome giveaway. A huge selection of “Overflow With Beauty” quickpages are available on our members blogs."

You can start here at the MScraps blog for the freebie QPs.

Another charity collab kit available at Sweet Shoppe. I think it might also be avail at Scrap Orchard but sorry, don't have time now to go check it out.

Been really tight with time the past week with work as I've been working full day. After my first day, I could tell that I won't be able to accomplish much with just a half day esp while I'm just beginning so I decided to do full time weekdays & half-days on Fri & Sat. This means I don't have much spare time at all & I only manage to read a couple of blogs everyday.

I came here mainly to post an offer after seeing the above charity kits today. When I can afford it & the charity is something that touches me, I usually buy but I very seldom download the kit itself. Whenever I do that, it feels a bit of a waste of a nice kit & that it would be nice if I could give the kit to somebody who likes it but couldn't fit into their budget. I couldn't figure out how though until now. With this, I can donate & someone can get the benefit of the kit.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I DO actually have a few readers to make this work!

- Drop me a line in the Comments section or Chat box if you'd like the kit & say which one (Overflow with Beauty or Helping Hand) before Oct 14 Midnight EST.
- I'll do a random drawing for one winner and post the result by Oct 16.
- If you're the winner, contact me at     the3chickens at gmail dot com    with your email address
- I'll send you a Gift Certificate for the amount of the charity kit - $6.99 for Overflow with Beauty or $10 for Helping Hand. (pls really use the money for the charity kit and not other kits, please..)

I doubt I have enough readers for much response so if you like it, pls post as you should have an excellent chance to win :)

K, it's 1.30am already, gotta go to bed now! Have a great day!!

p/s I didnt have time to read the specifics of these kits & assumed it's available at least for a week. If it's not & it wont be avail by Oct 17, someone pls let me know & I'll shorten the giveaway deadline.


iamb said...

what a fun idea:) Thanks so much for this chance... I read the details and I didn't see an expiration date for either kit, but I could be just lame and missed it! The are both beautiful kits, but I would choose Overflow with Beauty if I got to have one..:) Thanks again for a wonderful chance:)

Adriana said...

I would love to have Overflow with beauty, such a great colour scheme! Thanks for the chance!

pjoneil said...

Hey Annie - good to see you back on the 'net. Happy to see new photos of you, Colin and Mac! Good luck with your new job! I'm leaving free kit to someone else, just wanted you to know that I do "appreciate" all you do.

Sara said...

Helping hand is available until the end of the month. That would be my choice. :)

Awesome idea!!!

zotova said...

Thanks for the helpful information!

zotova said...

I am happy that the blog again works!!!