Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charity Kit Winners

So sorry to disappear the last few days without news on the winners for the charity kit. My laptop hard disk went kapooey, 3rd one this year! And wrestling Colin away from his computer is no easy task :D Anyway, since there were only 3 entrants, I've decided to award them to all 3 of you.

Iamb, Adriana & Sara, could you pls send me your email addresses at    the3chickens at gmail dot com    as soon as you can & I'll purchase the Gifts Certs to send to you - Overflow with Beauty for Iamb & Adriana and Helping Hand  for Sara. Pls drop a note back to me either here (Comments or Chatbox) or email me once you've recvd the GC so I can follow up if there are any issues.  Congrats & thanks so much for joining in! Hope you'll enjoy the kits :)

pjoneil, this is Paula right? I don't have any of my files at the moment so I couldn't check for sure. It's wonderful to hear from you, thanks so much for the note! :) :) :)

I've just ordered a new laptop which hopefully will arrive in about 2 weeks time. My current one is older than Mac and been a real PITA the last couple years. I have someone ready to buy it off me & she only wants to use it for very basic stuff so it's a good deal for us both. After this last hdd crash, I decided not to take the trouble to re-do a new temporary hard disk and just wait for the new laptop to arrive. So I'll be without any of my files and bookmarks & rather than drag Colin away from his computer, I'll just stay offline till then.

Hope you all have a great weekend & hopefully I'll see you again in about 3 weeks time..!


iamb said...

Thanks so much!! Have sent you an email.. Very awesome, thanks again

Sarah K - Sentiments by Sarah said...

well bummer me for being too busy to check my blog list... congrats ladies on your wonderful kits.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

I have been hit 'n miss dear Ann and have wondered why I had not caught any of your posts on my blog roll. Now I know!

Sorry to hear about the HD troubles, but am happy that you will have a brand new machine to do your magic with!

Missing you and leaving you some love girlie!

Linda :D