Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Will not be around for a little while

Just in case anyone's checking in, I'm kinda swamped right now and wont be able to post for a little while, possibly for about a week, maybe more. Nothing bad, just a bunch of little things coming at the same time including intermittent net and puter issues. I have some links I'd already gathered & if I can squeeze some time to organise & upload them, I'll try to do so for my last post temporarily. I hope you all had a super DSD weekend & got lots of shiny new kits :D I'm a little bummed I had to miss most of it, on top of other stuff, our pass expired that weekend & we had to exit the country to renew it. Anyway, I'll see you all laters :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
Good to hear from you. Will miss you while you are away, but will keep the light on for you!! All I can do for a long while is freebies 'cause I went really crazy on DSD. Almost wish I had been out of town.
Hugs to all,