Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mac dreams a lot in his sleep. It's very funny (and a little startling sometimes :D) to suddenly hear chuckles coming from him in the middle of the night. Very infectious too :D Not as much fun though when he suddenly starts crying. And they usually dont wake him up, unless he continues and is not attended to. I usually just stroke him for a while or say something soothing if he cries and he'll continue on back to sleep. He talks too, usually just a word. Just now, he said, quite urgently & loudly, "go, go, go!". Didnt even open his eyes. I wonder where he wanted to go to so badly :) Once he just suddenly shouted 'coconut!!'. Cant even begin to imagine what that was about :D

We went to a specialised kiddie bookstore yesterday. Gosh, children's books sure have evolved a LOT since my time. I remember the Ladybird Jane & Dick books I had. The books now are mostly half-book, half-toy. More interactive and attractive for the kiddos, I suppose. I got a few that Mac kept playing with at the store. One had a clock face with hands you can turn around. The book was in front and had this round hole in the middle for the clock to show through. Another one was a popup book with trains and cars and attached to it was a pad with buttons that makes the train & car sounds. So far Mac hasnt even glanced at the words and pictures, just played with the clock hands and the sounds. I'm wondering if they're more distracting than helpful in his case :)


1. DSP's 99ct IOTW this week from Rene Bross
All the following arent up yet at this time. I'm just putting up them early as I probably wont be posting again today. Most of them should be up in another 4 hours or so except for VLD which may be in another 8-10 hours or so.
2. $1 Tadpole Tues at the Lilypad
3. Page Turner Tues at WAS
4. 20% New Release at Scrapartist
5. Tues 1-2-3 Specials at Vera Lim


Sticky 1: Digitals Daily Download Jul 20 - Aug 4. An album page a day from Jen Maceyunas. You have to "purchase" it.
Sticky 2: Sunshine Wonder Week Daily Download Jul 27 - Aug 3

1. Kit from Beth Nixon
2-3. These are from Divine Digital & has to be "purchased". Bella Scraps Jan 2008 Sampler & QP from Donna Phillips
4. Kit from Angel Wings & Things
5. Desktop QP from Ellie Lash
6. A CU hippo & angel template from The Scrapping Cop
7. Mini kit from Amanda Thorderson
8. QPs from Maria at GDS
9. Desktop QP from Shabby Princess

1. Kit from Irene Alexeeva
2. Summer Wedding Part 16 from Bon Scrapatit
3. Alpha from Scarletheels. Limited Time.
4. Kit from ABCDelf
5. Month bragbook template from SBE
6. QP from Lliella
7. Stamp cluster from Lindsay Jane
8. Strip Clusters from Danielle Young
9. Corkboard paper from ActionFX

1. QPs from Beckie Wallace
2. Template from WW CT
3. CU Doodle from MickeyB
4. Frame from Cen
5. QP from Chrisscrap
6. Paperpack from MOriginals
7. Template from ScrapMatters
8. Kit from Fraisinettte
9. Monster addon kit from Mel_h

1. Kit from Tempus Fugit
2. Template from Curth
3. Template from Yin
4. Renae's Bold Summer Paper pack 2
5. Desktop QP from LOLS
6. Day 3 of Sugarplum Paperie's kit
7. Wordart from Bethany
8. QP from Coco
9. Birthday Addon & Jack bragbook album from Mz Pimptress

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