Monday, July 28, 2008

F&S JULY 28, 08 Part 2

1. Paper OV from NatashaNaSt
2. CU Crocodile template from The Scrapping Cop
3. Template from Andrea Gold
4. Template from Curth
5. First kit from Renae
6. Day 2 of Sugarplum Paperie's Party Hat freebie. Limited Time
7. Christmas kit from Nancy
8. DesignerDigitals 2nd CIJ Freebie. One day only. My apologies that day 1 freebie had already expired by the time I posted earlier.
9. Brushes from BSilvia


justrenae said...

Thank you so much for listing my kit as one of your freebies! I feel really honored!


SLKozul said...

Ann - thanks for the very detailed response to my posting. That totally makes sense and I would hope that someone would tell me if they noticed something horrible. But that means I need to print some pages so I can see the results. I've been happy with what I've printed so far, and haven't considered an entire book. When I can't find the right paper I often just create my own, so I guess I'm really after the elements myself and didn't realize it until you pointed it out. Thanks for making sense of my numbers.