Monday, June 09, 2008

HDD Error, Freebies & Sales Jun 9, 08

Well, [insert strong language here]! I think my hdd is going to die soon. I've had this delayed write $$ something or other message the past few days and then a message about some error with the Recycle Bin yesterday and now today, I have a Disk Error 36 in PS while trying to do a LO - something unrecoverable with the scratch disk, which happens to be my 500GB EHD which happens to be where I keep almost EVERYTHING current! It's just stuck there & I cant even click on the Quit button. I'm going to have to try to backup the entire disk over to bits & pieces of whatever space I can find on my other 3 EHDs as well as Colin's PC which is going to take me days :( Hopefully the disk will last till I'm done. So.. that means I maynt be around for a little while until I get that sorted. I'll just post up the freebies & sales I've found since yesterday but sorry there wont be any pics, just the links. They're all well worth the click though :)

1. Mini kit from Angelica
2. Birthday card from Miranda WW CT
3. TaylorMade's Designer of the Month and she has 4 cool freebies for us at Oscraps
4. Addon Freebie for Crisdam Designs' Cool Sensation
5. Cute Fun dough alpha sampler from Jill DZines
6. 2 lovely QPs from Stephanie Ogren
7. Limited time Jump ABC Kit Patterns II from Pamela Digitreats

1. Melgen Designs has 2 $2 specials from Melgen Design
2. 50% off Retro Dad at We Are Storytellers (there's free envelope album incl with the kit)

See you "all" again soon!


fun2educate said...

I am so sorry you are having troubles. Hopefully things will start to go your way soon. Thanks for the list...seems I can spend money without looking at pictures...who knew!!
Have a better day.

Jill DZines said...

Hi there! Thanks for posting a link for my dough-alphas sampler! :) If you could shoot me an e-mail at, I'd love to give you one of the alpha sets. :)