Monday, June 09, 2008


Filmore, Filmore, Filmore!!! I now apparently cant even delete files! I just tried deleting older backup stuff from my other EHD to make room for the updated files and it told me it cant delete giving me some data redundancy cyclic check error! What the filmore is that??! AND to make matters worse, I was in the middle of copying a directory to another hdd when we had a short blackout, the 2nd one today. The first one was probably close to the last straw on this hdd's back. I'll have to give up backing up for now in case there's any more power trips and totally kill all my hdds :( Ugh!!! I'm just going to power down everything, go out bring Mac for a much-needed haircut and then figure out what to do next when we come back. Sorry for the whining...


fun2educate said... cute is that?? I always say Pineapple when I want to my frustrations. Go ahead, whine all you want, I will listen. I do hope things get better for you. Nothing is more irritating than computer problems.
Hoping your week gets better soon.

SLKozul said...

Ann - I sure do hope your EHD don't all crash on you. I keep reading about everyone's failures and it makes me so nervous - my whole srapping life is on one of those things.