Friday, June 06, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 6, 08

Mac's still sleeping & I got some time so I'll post what I've got so far. A few of these are very limited time & I hope they'll still be available for a little while.


1. A sampler gift from GottaPixel
2. QP from Galiscrap
3. Mini kit from Ellie Lash
4. QP from Miki Ferkul. I'm far from needing this but it'll be great for anyone who has graduates.
5. Acrylic PS action from Atomic Cupcake free till Jun 8
6. Tumbler Insert from Shaker Box You will have to register in the store to 'purchase' it
7&8. Tangie Baxter is Queen of the Day and she has some freebies in this DST thread
9. I LOVE dates which is the Daily Download at GDS - I'm late on this one so hope it's still avail . You will have to 'purchase' in the store

1. SBG's June Theme Album Challenge Template is here

1-3. Have you checked out TADA's $2 Treats? Hurry, they mayn't last long. She's my favouritEST designer and I'm close to owning her whole store :D I'm looking forward to her June Lucky Dip. If she's new to you and you like her work, be sure to always set aside $5.50 a month for her Dips! (you know I'm talking to you, right Grace? :D)
4-6. Lilypad's June BYOC isnt out yet but it should be very soon. The new releases will be 20% off. PTM's the guest this month & I got these previews from their blog. I'm loving everything & want them all so I'm only going to wishlist for now and wait for their quarterly sale

- 50% off Tangie Baxter for 12 hours only (I'm lost on the time zone here so not sure its from when to when) You'll need the coupon code in this thread - post #15
- And yay, it's $1 Fab Friday at Scrapartist There are only a couple of items up now so as usual be sure to check back closer to the end of the day for new additions.
- Jen Ulasiewicz is having a 30% off sale

These are all I've managed to note down so far. May be back later after going through all the blogs. Then again I've said that a few times but never did come back :D

Happy freebing & shopping!


fun2educate said...

Girl, I don't know how you do this with a baby, but I do appreciate it very much. Oh, don't even get me started on TADA...she gets a lot of my money as I LOVE her work. I am like you, I am limiting myself to $1-$2 specials or 50% off. It seems to work, most of the time. I had a ball yesterday at Hotspots with the one euro sale. Did you make that one? I think it is still good, go try it out.
Thanks again and have a great day. I am out of town for the week end so I will see you on Monday.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Wow what a great blog!! love the listings...I can see I'm going to have to do some serioud shopping!!