Thursday, June 12, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 12, 08

On top of current computer woes and most of my time spent backing up, Mac has a fungal infection - itch itch itch! And did you know that Outlook has a limit on your .pst file size??! After making backups to 3 different places, I finally dared to open it up to download my emails. And what do I get? A message that I have apparently hit the max size! Geez! Now on top of the other backups, I have to start going through all my mails and delete/archive. Will I hit the max on my excel spreadsheet next too??! whine, rant, whine, grumble, grumble!

My google reader is bursting at the seams with unread posts. Wont be able to go through them all soon but these are the first few I found - my apologies if some have expired, I started the list yesterday but didnt have the time to finish.

Special Note: The Twisted Sisters and Friends will have blog giveaways everyday for 10 days, each avail only for a day. This is the link to Amanda Thorderson's blog where you can find the details & links to the other blogs to get a total of 10 free hybrid albums.

1. Freebie kit from Jennilyn. Do a LO with it & link her up in her blog for a chance to win her whole store.
2. Freebie from Berna Datema. You have to be registered at Digitaalscrappen to download it.
3. Bragbook QP from Rina Kroes
4. Sampler kit from Hot Spot Scraps designers . You have to 'purchase' this in the store
5. Freebie from Janosch 2 days only
6. Freebie from Amy Leigh in The Daily Scrapper . Click on Freebies & Samplers to the left.
7. CU Bow Freebie from Rachael . You have to 'purchase' it in the store
8. Kit from KimB
9. Fresh, Free & Funky Cosmo Jack album from the Digitals team avail till June 19. There are a couple more freebies there too. You have to 'purchase' it.
1. Freebie Wordart from Heidi Larsen at the LDD blog
2. Another jeanealogy scrapatit from Bon Scrapatit
3. Love this template from Aggietha
4. Template from TDC
5. Mini addon kit from Amy
6. Wordart freebie from KimB
7-9. These & a few more opening freebies from new store Zig Zag, one a day all for a limited time

Sales & Specials
1. Little Dreamer Wed $1 Specials
2. Baersgarten new School Days Collection is 50% off at $10
3. Scarletheels has a new grab bag 5 products for $3
4. Birgit Kerr has a new grab bag out 6 products for $3.50 till Jun 16
5. Sun&Jan Designs, Sunflowers & Janosch has a 50% sale at Hot Spot Scraps till Jun 17, 08
6. Dianne Rigdon has a $4 off $10 purchase sale in SBG for June. Use coupon code: spend10injune [can be used more than once]
7. Robyn England and Hope Wallace have a 50% off retiring sale at Scrapartist
8. KateF has some items reduced in her PBP store
9. Bon Scrapatit has her kits on sale for $2 each till Jun 30 to celebrate her 84th birthday (it IS 84th, right, Linda? :D) at 3Scrapateers
10. Sausan of SBG has a close-out sale till Jun 20, 08

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fun2educate said...

Sorry to hear about Mac. Hope he is feeling better soon. I missed you yesterday, glad to see you back. Off to shop and snag freebies...thanks again for the list.