Thursday, June 12, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 12, 08 P2

Thanks very much to all those who have left a comment - really appreciate it! It's nice knowing someone's been here :)

Grace - Mac's fine, just itchy and unfortunately, the itch is in an unmentionable place! We're still more or less on the up-all-night-and-sleep-in-the-morning schedule. The 8 hourly itch medicine has kinda made it more interesting since it makes him drowsy - so he wakes up at 1pm, gets his medication at 2pm and thereafter till 6-ish he just wants to lie in bed saying he's sleepy and of course mama must 'come sleep with Mac-Mac!' So we sleep the morning away, loll the afternoon away on the floor mattress watching TV and become owls at night! When TV catches his attention, I sneak off to the computer to snag a few freebie links till he catches me at it & summons me back to lolling duty. It's a grand life :D Anyways, sorry for blabbering on. I finally got all the blogs, I think, except for a few I accidentally closed and couldnt remember which it was so here's the rest of the list.

Freebie Finds:
Special Note: If you have Lightroom, this is a great site for free presets- Lightroom Killer Tips

1. A sweet kit from Beth
2. An elegant kit from Irene
3. Template from Traci Reed's CT blog
4. Freebie from Julie Billingsley at Sweet Shoppe blog
5. Cards from KimB
6. Kit from Galiscrap
7. New freebie from Imagine by Fran
8&9. Popsicle frames & Weather Forecast Tabs from Tara Sroka You have to 'purchase' it.

1. Jump ABC K Alpha from Pamela Digitreats
2. Jump ABC K Papers from Pamela Digitreats (Check one post down for other addon freebies)
3. 2-pager template (only 1 side shown) from MandaGirl
4. Perspective paper samplers from The Template Club
5. World's Greatest...... Wordart from Bethany
6. 2 QPs (only 1 shown) from Peta
7. Template from Shazbutt
8. Word labels from Boutique freebies
9. Floral papers from Jenlin

1. Cute kit from chriscrap
2. Funky kit from Andrea
3. Butterflies from Amy Leigh at GDS
4. QP from Sev
5. Kit from Sailor and Lula Designs
6. QP from Coco & Co.
7. Another scrapatit from Bon Scrapatit
8. Addon kit from Lindsay Jane
9. QP freebie from Bren Boone's CT blog

Sales & Specials:
1. Gina Cabrera has a $1 introductory special for her Parker alpha
2. She also has an early bird special at $3.99 only on Jun 12 & 13
3. Kim Hill has another sneak peek kit with a toddler boy theme $3 on Thurs only
4. Tiff & Kate's Wordy-bits retirement sale $1 each at The Lilypad

Weekly Specials:
1. $1 Thurs at Funky Playground
2. Dirt Cheap Thursday at Weeds & Wildflowers. There's no special section for the offers so will have to go through the whole store.


Kim B said...

Just wanted to say I found your blog through my blog reader the other day and you have me hooked-LOL
I love seeing your *special deals* for the day!
And sleeping all day and *playing at night* sometimes has it's advantages- hahahahaha
Thanks a ton for the lists- they are awesome

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.