Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mac updates

This would definitely be too long and unfortunately, I forget most of them when I finally sit down to try to journal them cos he changes and learns too darn fast! Some of what I do remember...

Another bump in the head making that what, a zillion and one?! :( This one I saw him literally bounce off the wall and the thud could probably have been heard next door. Fortunately, while I'm sure it definitely was painful, it didnt seem to be too bad cos after a few seconds of utter silence from the shock of the sudden-smack-in-the-wall, there was only a few minutes of real crying and then a couple mins more of fake-more-sympathy-please crying (if he starts faking it, it cant be too bad! :D) before it was back to playing again! I really admire his resilience!

The old toy car (amazingly still has its wheels and all components!) remains a yo-yoing fave. Rolling-bird (taped together with mama's magic cellotape) has gotten pulled out more often these few days, Bear-Bear (still in one piece) got another night in bed last night (the 2nd time ever), Elmo gets pulled out if he appears on TV & ocasionally gets kisses (ok, almost everything Mac plays with gets kisses at one point or another!), poor old broken bus-bus still gets sat on and he's started playing with the shapes again sometimes (old hat now at putting them through the right holes plus he remembers some of the names - circle, heart (but of course since he goes "heart! heart!" everytime he sees a heart, even a 3mm sized one! good eyes on that kid!), square, 'pezium' and cross). The box the train (also broken) came in is fairly popular if only for seconds at a time, swing-the-baseball gets some Mac-attention once in a while, he gets in the new car once in a while but its no longer the must-play-first-thing-in-the-morning-everyday it used to be. Pens are still in ("mama, m! mama, m!" as in mama, draw M for me), keyboards and mice are always good but they gotta be attached to a working computer! ("mama, on! on! mama, on! no sound, no sound!" as in Switch the darn computer on, I ain't playing with no dead computer - that was a minor problem involving some loud frustrated tears when daddy's puter went kapooey and he didnt understand that it couldnt be turned on!). Balls always good for a few seconds, the ball tent is back in favour but this time, mama usually has to be inside too!, the "whoot-whoot" book (little train book) is always popular and everytime we get to the page with bunny, bear, clown & giraffe on the train, the real toy giraffe and clown picture gets pulled out and pointed out to mummy 20 times, 2 of the 3 landlord's birthday pressies are still popular - the animal sounds cum piano thingy and the train block thingy. Except for a couple of in the mood times, the musical bus cum shape puzzle gets ignored. But pretty much most things that gets ignored becomes of top interest if mummy pulls it out and plays with it. Then it's a must-have (for the moment). The truck that came with the farm set was hot for a while and only ocasionally lukewarm these few days. Number one for now is the alphabet and number mats esp if he gets a chance to show off on it :D

He can recite1 till 10 and recognises them (most of the time) except for 10 which to him is one (sometimes L, sometimes I) and O (as in letter O) which makes sense, I guess. He knows most of the alphabet, sometimes very well, sometimes confuses them (ie C for Q even though 2 microseconds ago, he knew it perfectly!) He definitely doesnt know J or G cos those 2 pieces were missing from the pack we got (darn cheating cheap manufacturer!) and we got 2 Rs and 2 Qs instead. One letter he ALWAYS knows - M :D And its not because it's his initial and I taught him that first. Nope, I taught him a, b, c etc. He'd been repeating by rote and I didnt even expect it would sink in but he surprised us one day when we were driving by Gadong and he kept yelling out something that sounded like M. I had no idea what it was all about till I noticed all the MacDonald's (M) signs :D After that breakthrough, he learned the rest fairly fast! He loves recognising them on TV and around him. In the supermarket recently, he would suddenly call out numbers - the cashier signs - cashier 1, cashier 2, etc! I never even noticed those signs! Alphabets on the keyboards, numbers on the calculator, little teensy weensy words on a cereal box or something! He loves things he recognises and always calls them out proudly :) He's not a TV fan (he would ask to switch on the TV "mama, cartoon" but sit him down to watch a cartoon and expect 5 mins of peace - huh I wish!) but if Elmo comes on, he would call out Elmo and go grab Elmo and tell mama - Elmo! x100 :D Similarly a bear or a horse, cow, bird, plane, anything he knows the name of :) btw, to him the word for a mug is "coffee" (guess what mama drinks all the time?!) Lots more but I should probably go do something else now. Some pics of Mac :)

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