Friday, October 26, 2007

The anniversary dinner

Had our anniversary dinner at Sheraton Deals. Wasn't sure if Mac would be allowed in but it was ok, on the implied proviso that he doesnt disturb any other diners - basically meaning if he doesnt act like a 2 yr old! Hah! It was a tiny place, only about a dozen tables & luckily there was only one other table occupied. Mac liked the complimentary breadsticks and had a few of those while we had the tapas buffet so it was a nice 15 mins of peace. Of course, before our main course arrived, he felt he was all done and wanted pao pao for some exploration. He kept going ' take water! take water!" which I thought meant he wanted water to drink but no, he'd seen the swimming pool outside through the glass windows and wanted to go play there (you'd think a kid who seemed to love water would've enjoyed it when we took him swimming last time instead of freaking out!) I walked him around the restaurant with the usual admonishing "no, Mac! Mac, no touch! No! No! No!" to the glass window which he was not at all happy about. The usual equivalent of "I want, You cant, I want, You cant" ensued but luckily he discovered some thrill in kicking the wall for the noise (btw, 'shhhh' in toddler-speak apparently means 'pls make more noise'!) & distracted him from the pool. I somehow managed to navigate him back to the table where we made very short work of the dinner in between shushing and such. Colin finished first and took him out to the lobby while I finished off. It was a fairly nice dinner, btw, at least my lamb was even though it wasnt quite what I'd expected, but didnt have a chance to ask Colin how his steak was. We did manage to take some pics but havent dl-ed them yet so not sure if they're any good - the usual ones of Mac eating/drinking :D & a couple of Colin and I think maybe even one of me but none of all 3 of us. Mac was too antsy to be cooperative and in the end, I just took one of the 2 of them outside the restaurant and then Colin took one of me. Hopefully, the 2 pics will match well enough that I can blend them in. As to when I'll get them scrapped, hmm......

Added: Oct 28, 07 - Finally got the pics downloaded.

Mac enjoying his "dinner"

One of my favourite Macxpressions :D

Post-dinner. Mac "spelling out" the restaurant's name

Had forgotten I'd tried this - the arm's length photo - didn't turn out too well!

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