Friday, September 24, 2010

A bad penny :D

Anyone still out there? :) I know it's been a terribly long while since I updated, sorry for flaking out like that without any notice. I just kept procrastinating on posting & eventually, I just forgot..

After almost a year of silence, I guess it should be obvious but anyway, just in case anyone's still keeping me subscribed for freebie lists, I definitely won't be able to do it anymore, it takes too much time & while I might be able to do it for a while, I know I'll eventually flake out again cos I can't keep up. The lists themselves aren't too bad but going through hundreds of blogs daily got way too much.

I'd like to go back to my original intention for this blog - occasional posts of life updates (so people don't have to email me to check if I'm still alive :D), Mac's photos, LOs (admittedly far few & between these days!) & sharing any scrap news, freebies/sales I come across that I'm excited about.

Anyway, on to the main reason I finally remembered this blog again! I haven't been doing much freebie hunting since I stopped posting plus not so much shopping anymore. But I saw this freebie from Megan Fisher I really liked & wanted to share.

On the personal front, Mac has already started preschool since April and he's doing well there though he prefers to stay home and play cos "they don't have any real toys there" :D On the 1st day, he was perfectly fine until it was time for me to go & then the tears started and the desperate clutching at my neck, arms, legs :( My heart about broke & I waited in my car outside the school the whole afternoon just in case. That went on for 4 days and then on the 5th day, no more tears thankfully. 5 months on, he still gets the occasional separation issue when I drop him off but getting better.

About to leave for his 1st day at school.

Introductions to his classmates by the school directress. (He started late, school year begins in Jan).

Mac's also just celebrated his birthday last week, he's 5 now.

Wanted to post more birthday photos but it's past Mac's bedtime now, gotta go wrestle him to bed :)

If anyone has read this, thanks! :D & hope you have a great day/evening ahead!

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Sarah K - Sentiments by Sarah said...

I have dropped out of the scrapping world pretty much as well, although I have the desire to go back and get the baby books finished sometime. I don't have time to look for anything these days so just an occasional fantastic find would be good and of course to see how things are going with Mac. My girls started Kindergarten this year and life is busy. Blessings - Sarah