Friday, September 18, 2009

List coming later

Sorry today's list will be delayed again. We went out to the bank and ended up going to a few more places & was out for the entire day & evening. Will start 'work' after Mac's gone to bed & hopefully can finish by around midnight (noon EST) or so. Pls check back again later..

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Anonymous said...

Well, I miss coming for a few days (sorry, for that, had to take my elderly aunt and uncle to doctors appointments and when I do, I always take them out to lunch and spend time with them) and I missed alot!! Those birthday pictures are adorable. Mac has had some fantastic cakes!! He will really treasure those pictures of his birthday with all his family around. I'm sure you have scrapped them for him....haven't you?

Thanks for the list, it always has a special I would miss if I didn't come here.
Happy Week End!!