Friday, September 11, 2009

090911 Freebie & Sales

FYI, this may be my last post till next Tues. I reckon we'll be out a lot but if I get the time to blog hop, I'll post whatever I manage to find. If not, I'll see you Tues.

Sorry I didnt manage to get this up yesterday, I was feeling somewhat under the weather, took a 'little' afternoon nap & wound up sleeping till 10pm. Working on this now while trying to get a LO done.

09-09-09 was a milestone birthday for me - I turned 20..... again :D I was reminiscing a little about the last "0" bday I had - 10 yrs ago on 09-09-99. There's such a huge difference, in my state of mind & priorities. I was newly single, had personal stuff going on & I was an emotional yoyo & drama queen. Now I have Colin & Mac & too lazy to get worked up over anything :) I got my fave gift ever though - 3 birthday cards from Colin, he said he couldnt think what to get :D It was so sweet, he wrote in all 3 cards part 1, 2 & 3 and even had a poem & it ended with a marriage proposal. (which while I didnt reject, I didnt accept either. Not till 3 years later. I'm slow in everything!)

These are some pics from a few nights ago when we treated a couple of our friends to dinner to celebrate. We went to try the new branch of our favourite Japanese restaurant. Love me some Japanese, cant believe I used to think they were gross! Most of the pics came out icky & I 'forgot' to get one of myself.

Those 2 are our best friends here & the only people we hang out with regularly. So any 'going out' photos will usually contain them :)
Mac loves playing with the chopsticks.
My usual order for Mac would be the miso soup, tamago sushi, chawan mushi and sometimes a garlic or fried rice. These are pretty much the only things he would eat, sadly, he seems to have inherited pickiness from me. Here he's enjoying the pudding, it comes with ice-cream :) One good thing about Mac though - he's not greedy (unlike his mama) & knows when he's had enough so cake, ice-cream, whatever, if he's already full, he's not interested.

This is Steph. Mac went over to sit with him & chattered non-stop for quite a while :D In the 2nd pic, Mac's doing one of his recent fave game "I want to tell you something" & then whisper whatever stuff he can think of at the time like 'I'm Optimus Prime' or 'I love biscuits'.

Fooling around with Mac on my birthday. Not the most flattering :D I took the pics upside-down & was extremely tempted to leave them that way!

K, going back to wrestle with my LO again :)


- Funky Playground Lost & Found Thurs
- DesignerDigitals 30% Thrifty Thurs
- After Five Designs 20% Happy Hour Thurs
- The DigiChick 20% New Release
- Digital-Crea 2nd Birthday Celebration. 50+ 1Euro items. Sept 10-11.
- Some Moving Sales at Scrapbook-bytes Diamante 30% Ends Sept 30 ; Shellyrae Up to 50% Ends Sept 15 ; Lindsay Jane Marked down items will be retired Ends Sept 21.
- Kristen Rice at A5D Retiring Products 50%
- DesignerDigitals 30% Quarterly Sales. Sept 10- 15 6am EST.

- Scrapartist $1 Fab Friday
- Scrapdish Friday Specials
- The Lilypad 20% New Products
- Shabby Pickle Fri 20% New Release
- ScrapOrchard 20% Fresh Fruit Friday
- E-scapeandScrap $0.99 NIFTY99 Weekend. Fri to Sun.


- Back to School Freebie from Retrodiva at Digitalfreebies

1. Kit from Angelica E
2. Kit from Andilynn at Scrap Matters
3. Kit from Prelestnayap
4. CU Overlays from Southern Creek Designs
5. Freebie from Cucciola
6. CU Overlay from Babette
7. Kit addon from Palvinka
8. Kit addon from Scrapidea-Timkova
9. Sampler from Natali

1. CU Watercolor brushes from The Scrapping Cop
2. CU gemstone action from Atomic Cupcake
3. Frame Cluster from Designs by Helly
4. Cluster from Raspberry Road
5. Candy from Ziggle
6. Frame cluster from Line Designs at SBG
7. Frame cluster from Colie's Corner
8. CU string word from Disasterpiece Studios
9. Frame Clusters from Irene Alexeeva

1. Wordart from Lauren Grier
2. Wordart from Bethany
3. Wordart from KimB
4. Alpha from Loloden
5. Wordart from Choukette
6. Halloween Wordart from Ziggle
7. Wordart from Tempus Fugit

1. QP from Raspberry Road
2-3. QPs from Designs in Digital Coupon required (& provided).
4. QP from Simplette
5. QP from Wenchdgrafix
6. QP from Cucciola
7. QP & Bragbook QP from LorieM
8. QP from GavinsMom
9. QP from Digi-Designs by Nicole

1. QP from Scrap in a Can
2. QP from Scrapping Rainbow
3. QP from Gettin' Scrappy with Britt
4. QP from Dreams Inspired
5. QP from WaterLO Project
6. QP from Jessica Bolton
7. QP from Wenchdgrafix
8. QP from Redju

1. Template from Colie's Corner
2. Template from Shabby Pickle
3. Template from The Digichick
4. Template from Divine Digital
5. Template from The Digichick
6. Template from Polka Dot Plum
7. Template from Christina Brown

1. Template from DigiDesigns by Denise
2. Blog Wear from Kimberly Stewart
3. Template from Midnight Scrapping
4. Template from Michelle Filo
5. Template from Chris Greiser
6. Template from ScrapOrchard

And some more that came in while I was uploading

1. Freebie from Dreamland Designs
2. Template from Red Leaf
3. Template from Sunshine Studio
4. QP from Maryse
5. QP & Cluster Frame from Cinnamon
6. CU Flowers from Jasmin-Olya

---REMINDERS [from prior posts]---

- Renee Pearson Super Colossal Back to School Digital Event. Register & download a free goodie bag everyday this week. Only avail noon to midnight EST.
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Have a lovely weekend! :)

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