Tuesday, September 08, 2009

090908-2 Freebie & Sales

A "Special Valentine" from Mac :) He doesn't know what Valentine is but ever since an episode on Mickey Mouse where Mickey made a Valentine for Minnie, he'll sometimes draw hearts on a paper and come up to me telling me he has a "surprise" (another favourite game of his) for me and goes "Tada! A special valentine for you!" I thought that's so cute :)

Mac with his paediatrician during his checkup the other day. I have pics of them together since Mac's birth, I need to remember to print them up for the doctor. Mac looks quite comfy with him now but he went through a phase when he was about 1 till 2 where he would cry non-stop the moment he stepped into the consulting room. Before that, he behaved beautifully, not even crying during innoculations!

At the fish market. Mac is ultra-sensitive to the smell, he has puked twice before just from the smell. I haven't been inside the other closed fish market for 3 years now because of that, we normally just wait in the car for Colin.

- Digitalfreebies 30% New Release. Tues to Mon. [not up yet at time of posting]
- Lilypad $1 Tadpole Tues
- Designs in Digital $2 Tues.
- GottaPixel $1 Tues
- Scrapartist 20% New Release. Tues
- Shabby Pickle Tues 20% New Release. Tues
- Ellie Lash Retirement Sale. $1.50-$2.50. Ends Sept 30.


- GottaPixel Sept Daily Download. Get it from Julie Marie Designs store Sept 8-14.

1. CU gradients from July Designs
2. Papers from Danielle Engebretson. Limited Time.
3. Kit from Christine Smith
4. Mini Kit from Elise's Pieces at The Digichick

1. Kit from Tara Dunstan. Limited Time.
2. Kit from Thaliris at Digital-Crea
3. Kit Elements from Digi-Designs by Nicole & Dream by Designs
4. Mini Kit from NatashaNast at Oscraps

1. Wordart titles from Misty Cato
2. Birthday photo mask from Carena's Designs at GDS. One day only.
3. Wordart from Vinnie Pearce
4. Alpha from Kristin Aagard

1. Sampler from Peta Boardman
2. Gears from Bella Gypsy
3. Photomasks from NatashaNast at Oscraps
4. Wordart from Sunshine Studio

1. Template from Heather Roselli
2. Card templates from Jen Caputo
3. Template from Colie's Corner
4. 2-page Template from Scrap'Anges

1. Template from Scrap By Color
2. Template from Sine
3. Template from GottaPixel. One week only.
4. Template from Tracy Drane

1-2. QP from Vero
3. QP from CathyK
4. QP from Tiffany

1. QP from Tara Dunstan
2. QP from Nane de Jardin
3. QP from Doudouloisirs
4. QP from Raspberry Road


Thought this looked cute & love the colours. Geekazoid from PixelWorks

Have a great day! :)

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Anonymous said...

That Valentine story and picture is so adorable! I know you just want to kiss him all over when he does that!!

I can't say that I blame him for that face at the fish market, I can't stand the smell either, but that picture sure made me smile!

Thanks for the wonderful list today.