Monday, September 07, 2009

090907 Freebies & Sales

Yesterday, we went to find Mac's cake. We found one in the 2nd bakery we went to but itt wasn't what I'd imagined, it was rectangle & not shaped & the design didn't seem very well done but Mac chose it so we went with it. I spent some time with the salesgirl redesigning it a little to make it less cluttered and fussy, hopefully I havent made it worse than it is now. I did emphasise a few times to make sure to change one of the Rangers colour to orange!

Then we went to look for his present but no luck. We'd planned to get one of those Vrtech consoles but we could only get it in Miri or back home & since we're not going back as we'd originally thought, we have to think of something else. My current idea is to get a Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3. I checked out the games on internet & seems there are preschooler games like Dora & Diego so we'll probably go with that. I'd like to get one more gift though, something with more oomph when he opens it up as a game console probably wont look very interesting to Mac. I was really hoping there would be new Transformers stock so I can pick up Bumblebee or Mudflap for him.

Then this afternoon, our friend came by for a chat & to look at Mac's old baby stuff - stroller, carrier, crib, bottle warmer etc. They're expecting and wanted to get those secondhand. We sold it cheaply as they've been taking a lot of space although I do feel a pang at letting them go. I'm a packrat. At least the funds can go towards Mac's presents.

Sorry, too much yakking.


- After 5 Monday Madness [not up at time of posting]
- ScrapMatters Manic Monday
- Digital Scrap Cafe Marvelous Mondays
- Scrapable 40% Sale. Ends Sept 7.
- Pretty Scrappy Min 30% Sale. Ends Sept 7.
- Gotta Pixel 25% Labour Day Sale. Sept 5-7.


1. Kit by Thaliris
2. Kit by Sunshine Artz
3. Kit from Mz Pimptress
4. Papers from Meredith Cardall at Faith Sisters
5. Papers from Choukette
6. Kit sampler from DitaB
7. Kit part 2 from Erica Mathia at The Daily Scrapper. Till Sept 10.
8. Papers from Emily Giovanni
9. Kit Papers from Digi-Designs by Nicole & Dream Big Designs

1. CU Bracket dingbat fonts from The Scrapping Cop
2. An arrow full of holes from Amy Sumrall
3. Wordart from Bethany
4. Alpha from Meredith Cardall at Faith Sisters
5. Alpha from The Maltese Scrapper
6. Cluster from Raspberry Road
7. Wordart from M Designs
8. Cluster from KimB

1. Wavy templates CU from Sunshine Artz
2. Template from Andrea Gold
3. Template from Digi Designs by Denise
4. Template from MathildeScrap at
5. Template from Laeticia
6. Template from RedElf

1. Template from Scrapping with Liz
2. Template from Digital Designs by Lisa
3. Template from Michelle Filo
4. Template from Eva Kipler
5. Template from ChrissyW at Elemental Scraps
6. Template from Sweet Tomato Designs
7. Template from Dani Mogstad
8. March Calendar Bragbook Template from SBE
9. Template from The Digichick

1. QP from Microferk
2. QP by Belinda
3. QP from Tara
4. QP from Scraps N Pieces
5. QP from Brandy Design
6. QP from Lucie

1-2. 2 QPs from Katie
3. QP from Mystique Designs
4. QP from Teri Mayo
5. QP from Bekah E
6. 2 Calendar toppers QPs May & June [only 1 shown] from Penny Springman
7. QP from Vero
8. QP from Vero
9. QP from Wenchdgrafix

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

OH I remember giving my daughter's baby things to a friend, it was so hard. I am not a pack rat, I don't have any trouble getting rid of things I don't need or use unless it involves her things. I still have every dress she wore the first year of her life, saying I was saving them for her daughter....she is 29 and not married...don't think they will ever be used..LOL!

I hope the cake comes out the way you want. Be sure to post a picture of it when you get it. I can't wait to see.

Great list, today. Thanks!!

Beth said...

You must check out this site:

It's the worst (and the best) of decorated cakes. Some days it's the funniest thing I see all day!

And if the cake comes out wrong, snap a picture and send it in. But here's hoping it comes out beautifully!