Thursday, September 03, 2009

090903 Freebie & Sales

Grace, of course that isn't being nosy, indeed I'm touched you would care to enquire :) The doctor's pretty sure Mac has UTI. I didn't want to mention it the other day as I was in a rush & worried I might sound indelicate if I didn't take the proper time to watch my words in describing his symptoms :) UTI was one of my suspicions but because he only felt pain in certain positions, we thought perhaps he had wounded himself somehow. He's now on 5 days of Augmentin & we have to go back again this Fri. He's apparently feeling totally fine now though :)

Chloe, wow, thanks so much for the enthusiasm! I feel so wanted! :) Welcome back :)

Emily & Kristine, you're very welcome & thank you for dropping by!

LOL, Melanie, lucky it was tomatoes & not vodka that you craved :) I havent had a drop of alcohol since then, for some reason I've just lost the taste for it totally!

Beth, what a lovely thing to say, you gave me the biggest smile! Wish you were still scrapping & blogging :)

Mac's birthday's coming up fast & I'm still not sure how to celebrate it. We were originally supposed to be back in our hometown at this time for a few weeks to accompany my FIL because Colin's sister had accepted a job transfer overseas & there would be no-one at home with him till Colin's eldest sister in Singapore finished her job notice & return home.
So I'd been expecting we could do a party as there will be family & kids, all his cousins. I was considering a high-tea buffet by the pool in one of the hotels, more fun for Mac with all the kids whereas here, we don't really know any kids so hard to do a kiddie party.
At least I know what cake I need to get - Mac said he wants an orange Power Ranger cake. He loves orange & currently into Power Rangers & was I think disappointed there were no orange Power Rangers :) This is definitely something I must find for him.
I think the best I can do is a simple party at home - cater some food, rent a bouncer, invite my neighbour's kids & some of our friends. The hitch is, with the bouncer, we'll need to make it a late afternoon event so the kids would have enough time to play but this is the Muslim puasa (fasting) month & our neighbours & kids are Muslims so I'm not sure if afternoon is do-able or if we should make it evening close to their breaking-fast time.

Ugh sorry, I'm already more than a day late & here I'm still babbling!

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Have a nice day! :)


Anonymous said...

UTI, bless his heart! I know how painful those can be but the good news is penicillin usually clears it up pretty fast. Glad he is feeling better.
Orange power ranger...good luck! A bouncer is always fun for little ones to play on. If this happens you must take pictures to share of all the smiles they will have.
Thanks for the list. I'm giving lots of thought to the personal font, wouldn't that be cool. Gotta run, lots of errands to run today. I am thinking I may head to the beach for a long week end and need to pick up a few things.

Beth said...

My son's favorite color is orange and he loves the power rangers too! And no, there is no orange one!

BUT, I think the white one, from Jungle Fury, has orange trim. (yes, I know FAR too much about the Power Rangers. I actually watch the RPM series with the kids every week. I LOVE it! LOL)

Hope Mac is feeling better soon!