Tuesday, August 25, 2009

090825 Freebie & Sales

Sorry I never came back, the Panadol I took knocked me out more than I'd expected, I slept the entire night & woke up at noon!

Grace, Catherine, Kim, photocrazy, Toni, Linda, Sarah - thanks so much for your messages & for 'coming back', so glad to know there are still some of you around :)
Sarah, your website looks great, good luck with your business :)
To those of you who are new here, welcome & hope you can find something of use here.

[fyi, those with pictures are for illustration only or show my personal picks and not directly clickable. I wont always have pics, I'll add those whenever I have time]

- Lilypad $1 Tadpole Tues

- Lindsay Jane at SBB Retiring Products.

- Vear Lim 1-2-3 Tues. $1, $2 & $3 items.

- A reminder Catscrap 40% off kits today Aug 24. There's a 50% Retiring Section also.

- Peppermint Creative 30% off Back to School Blowout (20% for new products). Till Aug 31.

- SPD had a retiring items sale a short while ago with a lot of $1 & deeply discounted items. I just saw they're still there if anyone's still interested. You will have to search through all the designers/categories though as they're not all together in one category anymore.

- Gotta Pixel Tues $1 Pixels

- The Digichick $2 Tuesday
- My Four Hens photo actions 50% off. Till Aug 28.
- Peta Boardman at SBG $1-$1.50 Last Chance items.
- Shabby Pickles 20% New Products
- Digital-Crea 30% CU Sale. Ends Sept 3.
- ScrapArtist Last Chance
- Pixel Canvas 30% Sale. Aug 25- 31. NZ time.
- Tracy Blankenship is retiring & offering her store for $15. Ends Aug 28.

- $3 coupon in Ztampf's newsletter
- Studio Manu 50% Coupon. Exp Aug 26.
- The Daily Digi has 25% Coupon for Kaye Winiecki [exp Aug 28] & 35% Coupon for Amber Clegg.
- Andrea Gold 40% Coupon. Till Aug 31.


1. QP from Raspberry Road
2. Kit Sampler from Kristin Aagard. Only till Tues Midnight MST.
3-4. Cluster frame & template from Lindsay Jane
5. Sept Desktop from Dani Mogstad
6. Kit from Peppermint Creative
7. Template from CindyS
8. Kit part 9 from Inspiration-Lane
9. Kit from Fanette at Digital-Crea

1. CU items from MDesigns
2. QP from Magical Reality
3. Sept Desktop from Manu at SBG
4-5. CU Texture & QP from July Designs
6. Template from Gotta Pixel
7. Kit Sampler from KimB
8. Bracket Frame from Bon Scrapatit
9. Circle Tags (not shown) & Template from Scrapping with Liz

1. Template from Andrea Gold
2. Alpha from Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals
3. Template from Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals
4. Masks from Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals
5. Kit from Summertime
6. Template from FPD
7. Jan Calendar Bragbook from SBE
8. Doodles from Chriscrap
9. Freebie from NL Designs at Digiscrap'mania


- Taylormade Batch Resizing Photos in Photoshop
My personal preference for part 2 of the tutorial [the batching part after creating the action] is to use droplets.
To create droplet:
1. File-Automate-Create Droplet
2. Under Save Droplet In - Choose - create a name for the droplet & select where you want to save it in. The droplet is an .exe file that you can execute outside of Photshop. I save mine in a Presets Folder where I keep all my styles, actions, etc
3. Under Play - choose the Set and Action. This is where you had saved the resizing action you created just now.
4. Select 'Suppress Open File Options Dialog' and 'Suppress Color Profile Warning'
5. Under Destination - choose Folder and then under Choose, select where you want the resized files to go. You might want to use a temporary folder called 'Photo Web Resize' for example.
6. Under File Naming - you can set up how you want the resized file to be named. For example, mine is Document Name + _small + extension
7. Click on OK. That's it, the droplet is created.
8. To use the droplet, just go to where you had saved it using Windows Explorer or whatever you normally use for navigation in Windows.
9. Drag and drop the files you want to resize into the Droplet exe file and Photoshop will automatically open, process the dropped files using the action you had set up and save the processed photos to where you had set it.

So far, I've been using droplets for Resizing Kit Previews (when they're way too big, I set my action for resize to 600pixels & quality of 30) and also for changing PSD files to TIFFs. You just have to create the action according to what you want to do and then create a droplet for it.
I like using droplets because I can do it outside of Photoshop. While unzipping and organizing my files in Windows Explorer, it's easier for me to just move the files I want to change into my Presets folder with the droplet and when I have a number of files there, I just select them all and drag-drop onto the Droplet and let it run while I continue with my organizing. After a while, I just check back into the folder and move back the processed images into the appropriate kit folders and delete the originals if I dont need those anymore.

Have a great day! :)

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