Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freebie Alert ~ Ztampf

Don't think these will remain free for long so if you like them, get them quick :) Click on image to go to the store, you have to purchase them. While you're there and if you have time, it's worth it to try finding the treasure hunt coupons. I managed to find a $5 and a $10 coupon fairly quickly yesterday.

Sorry still can't really 'talk' or do longer lists, still rushing out these posts and trying to do a little hunting & shopping when I can get the time...

I'll respond individually later but I do want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to those of you who left bday messages for Mac - I really very much appreciate them! :) And I plan to scrap a page with the messages for his birthday album, it might be interesting for him to read a "birthday messages from mama's blog friends" page when he's older :)



SLKozul said...

Ann - belated wishes to Mac. We evacuated Houston, TX to avoid all the issues with hurricane Ike and we are anxious to be back home soon (but we'll wait for electricty thank you). Take time to enjoy your son - I love how you took a picture of the hour he was born - what a neat idea. I'm lucky if I even have a decent birthday photo since on those days they seem to hate it.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

How TOTALLY cool a page about BLOG birthday wishes will be!!! ABSOLUTELY awesome as it is a rather NICE part of your life, right? LOL! I SO treasure my online friends and was just fortunate enough to SKYPE with one a bit ago. I in the US and her in England! Gotta LOVE modern technology.

I would like to thank you BIG time once again for the FABULOUS job you do of seeking out some SUPER SALES dear Ann! I have shopped till I've had NO choice but to STOP!!! ROFL!

You be gentle with your SWEET self and ENJOY your time with your PRECIOUS family and doing some WELL-DESERVED shopping!

Linda :)

jenjenjasp said...

what? Birthday? I missed a BIRTHDAY? Waaaaaaaaaaa....I dislocated my ankle a while back...5 weeks ago...and reinjured it this weekend.

So sorry this is late but YEA! Happy Birthday Mac!

lol...thanks for all you do! You roCK!