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F&S SEPT 9, 08

Sarah, Grace, Kim, Linda, thanks much for the messages :) I've missed you guys too! Unfortunately, I'm likely to be quite tied up for at least the next week or so so I'm afraid my posts will continue to be quite patchy... And Mac's back to his odd sleeping hours which is making my free time even more limited :(

Fina-girl, thanks for the greets!! I'll view the F/B giftie once I get the chance to log in there :)

Linda, heheh thanks very much for the greeting :) Didnt quite celebrate in style - havent done that since the early dating days :D Just the usual dinner with the usual 2 friends at one of the usual places :D It's quite nice to turn 21 though ;D

LOL Patty. Now arent you glad how much money I'm saving you?? :D I WAY overspent cos I didnt have time to shop 'properly' :( I had to check out WST mins before we left on our trip and I actually checked out EVERYTHING in my cart :(

Kristin, Kristine, Nancy, Mega-Doodle Inspired, Sine, Crissie, thanks very much for the visit & messages. Always appreciate them :)

Kutnkudly, my apologies for the wrong link which has now been corrected..

Can't believe Mac's going to be THREE in just a few days! Nothing major planned for his birthday since we're not going back home to celebrate and dont have any family here, so just a late lunch or early dinner with a couple of friends and a day at the mall & arcade, maybe the playground if it doesnt rain again. I've been trying to find an aeroplane / helicopter / train / car cake in 3D style but still cant find anything I like. Backup plan for now is Lightning McQueen which would've been perfect if not for the way it's decorated - it looks so...fakey, not sure how to describe it.. Well, we'll see how it goes. And we still need to find his pressies!

Anyways, on to the list. This is as much as I could find for now. I still can't manage to go through all the new entries much less clear the older ones so I'm afraid there'll be quite a lot of stuff missing.. sorry about that.


Songbird Avenue Sept Charity Kit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


- Digitalfreebies 30% New Release. Ends Sept 15.

Free with $10 purchase in either Ziggle Designs' OR Pineapple Plantation's store at ScrapOrchard

- Digitalfreebies Sept Club kits - Last Days of Summer from Claudi Designs & Daniela Austen. 2 great kits for only $5. Or purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription to save even more.
- Special collab kit by Ziggle Designs, Pineapple Plantations and Bren Boone at ScrapOrchard. Proceeds used to send care packages to American troops.
- Scrapdish various sales from the designers. Different end dates - some on Sept 5, some 7th and some on 15.
- All of Gina Cabrera DDE's 2008 Idea Notebooks are now available (full reveal included). Ends Sept 10.
- Scrapartist 30% Sale. Sept 6-13. Lili has a free kit Just Being Me with $10 purchase in HER store. There's also a SA collab kit for only $5 with free keyplate album this album.
- FPD huge clearance sale for 2 weeks. Starts from 25ct.
- Kim Christensen is resigning from designing and is having a 50% sale. She also has a buy her store offer for $25. Ends Sept 14.
- Free kit with $2 purchase at Inspiration-Lane. Ends Sept 15, 08
- Melissa Bennett is retiring 70+ kits. All $1 each. Ends Sept 16.
- Eclectic Rhapsody - $1 kit from Bren Boone
- TADA Clearance Sale. 90+ products 50% off or more or buy all for $24.98.
- Janet Philips Sept Grab Bag at SBG.

- Little Dreamer. 40%. Sept 15.

- Shabby Pickle Tues 20% New Release
- Lilypad $1 Tadpole Tues
- Vera Lim 123 Tues

---NEW SS---
- Rina Kroes Sept Grab Bag is out. Sept 7-14.
- Grace Bennett all S4O/S4H items for $14.99 or Cu items for $1 each. Ends Sept 9.
- Scrapdish is retiring some Designer Collab kits (Oct07-Apr08) & they're on sale for $1 each. Ends Sept 30.
- Everything in Betsy Tuma's store at PDW is $1 only incl CU. Get addl 50% off for purchase over $15. Sept 9 only.
- Everything in Connie Prince's store at GottaPixel only $2 incl CU. Sept 9 only.

- $2 kit from Miss Huni Buni at Inspiration-Lane

- Coupons in The Daily Scrapper for Scrapartist 15% Coupon , Veronica Spriggs 25% & 1 free Oscraps Collab Kit.
- 35% coupon from Laurie Ann on Scrapartist blog.


- QP from Sherri Tierney at Digitalfreebies

- 3Scrapateers Free Fun Times
- Divine Digital Falling into an Autumn Daze
- GottaPixel Be My Tweetheart
- Snap n Scrap In a Galaxy Far Away
- Scrap Outside the Box Daily Download (templates)
- My ScrapShop Daily Downloads (changes daily)
- GDS Daily Download (changes daily)
- ScrapMatters Daily Download - Say It With Bling. Aug 25-Sept 14
- Digitals Daily Download - Serafina's September Chill Album from Shawn Walter. Sept 5 to 12.
- *NEW* Scraphead Coupon Daily Download in September. Some coupons for discounts and some for freebies.

- Free downloads from Potential Designers at Faith Sisters
- Daily Downloads from Amanda Thorderson Hybrid album.
- 8 days of freebies for Grandparents Day from Connie Prince Till Sept 7.
- Another blog train from ADSD. Full list can be found here
- Paula Phillips Blog Train. QPs using her Dino-Roar kit.
- GottaPixel Sept Dream a Kit Event. GP Designers will create a kit based on your suggestions. Everyone who makes a suggestion will get the kit for free. Details here.
- Free QPs at Scrapartist blog daily

---NEW FF---

- 3Scrapateers 4th Birthday Celebration. Challenges, blogtrain. Click on the Station for the blog train links. (only 1 kit shown) Only till Sept 13.

- SAS Next Designer Contest downloads [not all shown]

- ColorLine Design blog party. Some are not up yet. Preview shown is Greedz Graphics portion.

1. Addon kit from Edeline. You have to "purchase" it.
2. Template from The Daily Scrapper. Only till Sept 19.
3. Kit from Can Designs
4. Bragbook QP from Rina Kroes
5. Kit from Ellie Lash
6. Addon kit from Mira Designs
7. Template from Mrs Wresh
8. Dangle from Peta Boardman
9. Frames from Penny Springman

1. Kit from Dianne Rigdon at Shutterfly blog
2. Papers from Rene Bross
3. Kit from Nicole Young at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
4. Kit from Lily Designs
5. Addon kit from LorieM
6. Addon kit from Kristi
7. QP from Raspberry Road CT
8. Kit from TammyKat
9. Kit from Martencja

1. QP from Armina
2. Kit from Kelly
3. Kit & sticker doodled frames (not shown) from LiviaY
4. Alpha from Mrs Miles
5. CU freebie from Redju
6. Kit part 1 from Snowmoon
7. Kit from Simply Sweet Designs
8. Template from Digikeepsakes by Monica
9. QP from Raspberry Road CT

1. QP & papers (not shown) from Pink Peacock
2. Qp from Akizo
3. Papers from Marcee Duggar at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
4. QP from Meryl Bartho at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
5. Addon kit from Pineapple Plantation
6. Challenge template from Sine at ScrapOrchard. You have to be logged in to dl.
7-8. Sampler & QPs from PST Designs
9. Kit from Irene Alexeeva

1. Cards from Lauren Grier
2. QP from Jill DZines
3. It's Falling Part 5 from Bon Scrapatit
4. Papers & elements (not shown) from Nicole
5. QP from Digimom
6. Crochet flowers from Weeds & Wildflowers
7. Alpha from Danielle Young
8. QP from Cinnamon
9. Cluster from KristinCB

1. Mini kit from 1. Bohemian Art
2. Template from Penny Springman
3. Template from Princess Sophie
4. QP from Raspberry Road CT
5. Word labels from Bunny Cates
6. Kit from Redju
7. Butterflies from KateF
8. QP from SotB. You have to "purchase" it.
9. Alpha from Bon Scrapatit

1. Puzzle template from Timkova
2. Template from MOriginals
3. Template from Neeceebee
4. Template from Lorri's Scraps
5. Template from Yin
6. Template from Oscraps
7. Puffy Felt PS Action from Atomic Cupcake. Only free till Sept 20.
8. Papers from Ruth Davis
9. Sampler from KimB

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