Tuesday, August 05, 2008

F&S AUG 5, 08

-------Can you kindly read this please :)-------

I added 2 sections - Rewinds (under Freebie Finds) & Challenges & I'd like to know if you find these of use & would like it continued.

Rewinds are OLD freebies, previous awesome finds (at least I think so :D) that I'll link up as I think of them. It's addl work as I have to search my hdd, find the blog/forum, test & preview it & it's only worth it if it's new to you. So pls, whenever I put something there, can you let me know if you already know of it or not.

Challenges will be those I find with a participation bonus of some sort. Pls, is there any interest? Currently, I intend to put in only those I personally find doable, eg 10 LOs for one prize, no matter how awesome, is sadly out of reach for me. Similarly those with 'harder' themes that require a lot of time & thought (eg AAMs, journaling :D) so I wont be adding those.

These are meant for you so your thoughts would be appreciated. Not asking for 'love', just feedback. Feel free to say the ideas & finds suck if you think so. In case some of you may be too polite to say anything negative, I will assume no response as no interest :D

-------Thank you for your attention :D Back to the regular program-------


1. Digitalfreebies Club Kits. 2 great kits for $5. August kits are Jungle Gym All Star & Mud on my Mary James from Joyful Heart & Digital Couture. One colour palette, 2 themes - one boy, one girl. August only.
2. ScrapOrchard's August Mystery Mega Kit. $35 worth of personal & CU items. $3 for one week & then goes up to $10. Ends Aug 7.
3. Shabby Miss Jenn. 3rd birthday. 25% sale. Not sure of end date.
4. Blythe Evans. Retiring older products for $1. Can end any time. Her personal store & Oscraps
5. Pickleberry Pop. 2nd Birthday. 25% sale. SMJ guest designer. Grabbags galore. Ends Aug 5.
(if you're shopping Tara Dunstan & you dl-ed her free kit at the Daily Scrapper, make sure you've unzipped it - there's a coupon inside)
6. Gina Miller. 30% sale. Ends Aug 6. Buy $10, get free kit.
7. DSA. 50% sale on QPs. Ends Aug 6.
8. Lindsay Jane. $3 grabbag at SBB. Ends Aug 8
10. New store Inspiration-Lane. 30% sale. Free kit ANY purchase through August.


30% New Releases at Digitalfreebies. Tons more not shown. Go buy!

1. Vera Lim 1-2-3 Tues Specials
2. Lilypad $1 Tadpole Tues. If you love albums, Funky Junky Summer Loving album is on.
3. Scrapartist 20% New Release
4. WAS Page turner Tues. $2 on selected items.

1. Vera Lim. Aug grab bag. $3. SBG & VLD
2. 99ct IOTW from Marcee Duggar at DSP. Avail till Sat.
3. Janet Phillips at SBG. Aug grab bag. $2.50 Regular, $4 Supersized
4. Victoria Feemster $2 grab bag. LOLS and Inspiration-Lane. Ends Aug 15.
5. The Digichick. 40% End of summer Sale. Ends Aug 8. (I saw some items with higher discounts like Kelley Mickus One Fine Day is 70% off and JanaM has stuff at 60ct.)
6. Baersgarten at SBG. 30% Out of Town Sale while she's in the hospital having her baby girl. Use code: "outoftown". One time use. Ends when she's back home.
7. Summer Sales at Digital Crea 30% off kits & CU, 35% off Albums, 40% off PPs & EPs. Ends Aug 6.
8. Ah Designs. 50% off retiring products. Ends Aug 31.
9. Lori Barnhurst. $3 grabbag at LDD. Avail till Aug 16.


1. Tara Dunstan - Stash Challenge#2. A monthly challenge. Use an alpha, patterned paper & frame from your TDD stash (freebie or purchased) and get this participation gift. Check it out here. Ends end of Aug, I think.
2. LOLS - Color Challenge. Post a LO using the assigned colours and earn this participation prize. Ends Aug 15.
3. PBP - Scraplift Challenge. Lift the chosen LO by SMJ's CT Jodie and get a bonus kit, Vintage Lunch, from SMJ. Ends Aug 31.


1. Miss Monica by Paula Yagisawa & Lady Linda by Kathryn EStry at GottaPixel
2. Free Sweet Bethany by TallulaMoon at 3Scrapateers
3. Under the Big Top by Wetfish, Terrell Sanzone & Christine Mortimer at Divine Digital
4. Under the Sea at SnapNScrap

1. Digitals Daily Download Jul 20 - Aug 4. An album page a day from Jen Maceyunas. You have to "purchase" it.
2. Ahhh Scrap is giving away bragbook pages everyday on their blog. You have to "purchase" it in the store.
3. Melon Key Plate Album from Janeal. She's giving a page a day for 10 days.
4. ADSD Collab Zoo Spirit. Another huge collab with a zoo theme. This is one of the blogs with all the links.


Collab freebie from Cinnamon. There's a nice template on the same link page (I actually used it too!).


(not all shown) Free kits from Designs In Digital NDIDDS Week 4

1. CU Seashells from Redju
2. Template at Digital Candy
3. Bragbook template at Digital Candy
4-5. Mint Tin Album (I cant remember now, I think this may not be new) & Desktop QP from SMJ
6-7. 2 QPs from Kelley Mickus
8. Kit from Newlife's Dream
9. Alpha & Papers from Paola Peia at DSBrasil

1. Kit from eNKay at Purple Paper Flowers
2. 2-page template from SotB
3. Template from DSO
4. Alpha from Natalie Bird
5. 6x4 Bragbook QP from Rina Kroes
6. Paper, frame & wrap from Snowmoon
7. Papers & Tags from Cassiopee
8. QP from Melissa
9. Template & QP from Melany.

1. Cute mini addon elements pack from Microferk. Only avail till Aug 31.
2. Kit from Aja Abney at The Daily Scrapper. You have to "purchase" it. Limited Time.
3. Alpha from Digiscrap.ch
4. Freebies from Thena
5. Kit from Chriscrap
6. Alpha from LSDS Designs
7. Summer Wedding #20 from Bon Scrapatit
8. Acrylic Frame from Shaui
9. Template from Karah Fredericks

1. Journal tabs from Misty Cato
2. Calendar Bragbook Template from SBE. You have to be logged in to dl.
3. Aug Template from SBE. You have to be logged in to dl.
4. Pattern blocks from Danielle Young
5. Wordart from Bethany
6. Alpha from GDS. One Day Only.
7. QP from Kara Perrien
8. Alpha from LGPerspectives
9. Chrome pet tags from Major Tigger Scraps

1. Transportation Silhouettes Vectors from DAT
2. CU Sampler from Rachael
3. Kit from ABCDelf
4. Mini shaped Qps from Dydyge
5. Kit from Digi Scrapbook
6. Papers from Wenchdgrafx
7. Template from Lindsay Jane
8. Alpha from DAM
9. 4x6 Bragbook template from Curth

1. 2 more parts (only 1 shown) to Renae's The Humid South kit
2. 2-page template from Akizo
3. Kit from Natasha at DSSA
4. Addon kit from Mel_h
5. Floral frame from Misschifis
6. Frames from Mz Pimptress
7. CU Butterfly action from Lisa
8. Kit from WaterLO Project
9. QP from KimB

1. Paper scraps from LG Perspectives at ScrapMatters
2. Kit from July Designs
3. Frames from Blackberry Bridge
4. CU Flowers from Belliasscraps
5. QP from Nicole Young at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
6. 2-pager QP from Elizabeth Weaver at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
7. QP from Droopette
8. CU Overlay from Ilona Havenaar
9. Template from Tracy Blankenship

1. Composition book templates for Digitalfreebies Hybrid Challenge
2. Wordart from Danielle at Scrapartist
3. Template from Dani Mogstad
4. Addon kit from Mimilou
5. Wordart from Tina Chambers
6. Kit from Purple_colourz
7. Frame from Cen
8. Fuschsia addon from Imgine by Fran
9. Elements from Tempus Fugit

1. New kit papers from Vicki
2. Template from Timounette
3. Kit from Digital Candy
4. Addon kit from AliSarah (matches her NDIDDS kit)
5. QP from Madame Wing
6. Templates from Manda
7. Avatar QPs from ScrapShana (corrected link)
8. CU Piggy Templates from the Scrapping Cop
9. Template from Mrs Wresh

K, these are the 3 of 4 ways I know of to increase a kit stash. (The 4th is 'win' & I have no such luck so not even going to bother :D)


fun2educate said...

Hello, Ann. WOW...what a long list today. I don't do challenges so I personally don't need that section. I also already had the rewind. Hope this is helpful and what you asked us to do with feedback. I do love the special/sales section most of all.
Thanks for all you do.

akizo said...

Thank you for sharing awesome finds today!!

Kristine said...

Thanks so much for finding my freebie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ann - personally I don't see how you do WHAT you do do.... I hope that made sense! LOL! I wouldn't mind seeing challenges - but I also know I won't be able to do a lot of them. And I am only interested if there isn't a specific kit you have to use. On my budget, I only use freebies or things from my designers. I have to say, when I am looking for something, if it isn't in my stash, I use your blog to 'shop' ... and I have seen some amazing designers featured by you... man, you should be getting kickbacks! ;)
So thank you very much for what you do for us scrappers and designers!

Anonymous said...

I also don't know if I shared my layout using your template or not! Feel free to post it if you want to ... I loved the template by the way! http://www.digitalscrapbookartisanguild.com/gallery/data/500/Caleb-hanging_-3chicktemp3_.jpg

Chloe5972 said...

I have a glance at your blog everyday !!
Thanx for sharing such cool links !!

Amy said...

What a great list today! I really liked the items you added. The challenges are something that I haven't been as active in, but have definately been considering getting into. The list prompted me to go looking and has inspired me to do at least one new layout so I love that idea.
I'm an avid follower of your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts in finding all the great items this community is producing and being so kind as to share.

Jill said...

Hi Ann-
In response to your questions- as far as I'm concerned, if you find something interesting (challenge, kit, whatever), then I would think it at least worth me looking at it.
I trust your taste and judgement in other words:)
Cheers Jill (Greenfingers)

Chloe5972 said...

Great idea with Chalenge !!
Thanx again for all those links

Toni said...

Hi Ann, irregular comments certainly aren't a sign of lack of interest, just a busy headspace. I do enjoy your freebie finds as you don't have too many a day and you pick the best ones to point out to us. My thoughts are that I'd really find a couple of really good quality ones every few days than downloading too many. I have made a promise to myself to inventory and use everything so I am restricting myself to things I REALLY must have.

I also really appreciate your specials and bargains - you find some real treats.

SLKozul said...

Ann - WOW, the list just seems to be getting longer! It must take a lot of effort to do all this. I have a couple of sites I visit for challenges, and would love to do more, but can't find the time these days with my new commitments, so I don't think I'll use it much and I'm not quite for sure that I'll use Rewind either - I've got to be a bit more careful with my downloading - my EHD is getting full TOO fast KWIM? But I do love the sales & specials, it does allow me to "browse" more effectively, and limit my purchases to things I really need.