Monday, August 25, 2008

F&S AUG 24, 08

Hey there SarahBelle! You finally surfaced :D Heheh in the shape I'm in, getting a kit actually gives me a lot more pleasure than a new dress :D Hope the newsletter's coming along well :)

Hi Nicole-Y, Doris, KittyCat & DigiDesigns-Nicole :) Thanks so much for the visit & note :)

Patty, Patty....what happened to being cheapskate & putting stuff on wishlist??? I havent even decided on my free kit yet and here you are getting THREE collabs! :D Can't really blame you though, I love Xmas Wonder too and pretty much everything of Holliewood's. And PTM. And Createwings. And Joe Designs. And.. You get the picture :D O' Valentine's at the top of my list but with half already blue, what would I do with all the pink parts? :D) I might wait to see what comes out in Sept just to make it harder on myself :D And hey!! Whaddaya mean evil??? MOI?? Never!! It's all that crafty (but oh so very generous!) Vicki Stegall's fault! :D Hope you're mucho enjoying your new goodies!

Jennilyn10, FranB - thanks so VERY much for your comments! :) It's wonderful knowing you found some of the info here useful, totally makes my day & the effort so worth it :)

Unfortunately, this isn't on sale or special (and definitely not a freebie :D). It's here purely for me to drool over. Mary Fran's new Summer Splash collection. I sooooooooo want that watergun! And the colours are just lovely, so blue and orange and red! $9.99.... sigh......and sigh again...... On the slightly brighter side, she did have a 31.75% sale Sept 16 last year. If she has it again, should I spend $7 to get a kit with a watergun when Mac's real watergun itself only cost $2-3?? Esp when I already have 6 hexillion summer kits and 2 gazillion fishies that I havent used yet?? Hmmmmmmmmm, I think yes :D


- Digitalfreebies 30% New Release. Ends Aug 25.
- Digitalfreebies August Club Kits. 2 great kits for only $5.
- Digitals has 29% sale till Aug 24.
- PDW has 29.9% sale till Aug 24
- Andrea Burns 29% Birthday Sale at TDC. Ends Aug 24.
- Royanna Fritschmann Kit $2.50 + addl 60% off $10 purchase. Ends Aug 24.
- Sophia Sarducci "On Vacation" Series 50% off this week.
- Jennilyn is Oscraps Designer Spotlight & giving away $2 coupon off her products. Aug 18-24
- SBG's Studio Collective collab kits on sale for $5 including QP albums. For Aug.
- Ah Designs has 50% off retiring products Aug 4-31
- Jen Ulasiewicz has 25% storewide sale plus selected items at $1 (changes everyday). Till Aug 31.
- Sweet Genevieve has 50% 2008 Clearance Sale on 46 items. Till end Aug.
- The Digi Shop Hop Crop. Go from shop to shop picking up kits for only $2. Aug.
- Natalie Bird is resigning from designing. Her stores at CLD and PBP on 50% sale. Ends Aug 31.
- Tara Dunstan has 50% off retiring products. Ends Sept 1.
- Kaye Winiecki is clearing 35 old products. $2 or less each or all 35 for AUD$10. Not sure of end date.
- Melissa Bennett has a $2 grab bag at LOLS. Not sure of end date.
- Tracy Ann's Aug Lucky Dip is out & she has a reveal in her blog.


- DSP's 99ct IOTW is Azul from Kim Liddiard. Avail till Aug 30.

- Two 25ct items at Designer Digitals

- SBG Deals of the Day is available again. Baersgarten, Birgit Kerr, Meredith & Natali have some stuff on special there. Some more were added after I prepared the preview - ON Deigns Felty Frames & SwirlStars (99ct each) & Baersgarten's Love & Run & Play kit at 40% off.

- More Inspiring Deals at Inspiration-Lane (Yes, I'm STILL shopping there!) I *think* it'll be ending Sun.


1. Miss Monica by Paula Yagisawa & Lady Linda by Kathryn Estry at GottaPixel
2. Free Sweet Bethany by TallulaMoon at 3Scrapateers
3. Under the Big Top by Wetfish, Terrell Sanzone & Christine Mortimer at Divine Digital Also check Wetfish's blog whenever it's her turn as she will have a matching freebie there.
4. Under the Sea at SnapNScrap
5. My ScrapShop Daily Downloads (changes daily)

- Ahhh Scrap is giving away bragbook pages everyday. You have to "purchase" in the store.
- Digitals Daily Download Aug 20 - Sept 4. Summery Tale Kit from Dea Spina.
- Twisted Sisters 7 days Daily Download. 3 separate albums, 2 pages a day. Beth Rimmer, Amanda Thorderson & Shawn Walter
- FPD Teacher's Pets Round 4 - Collabs. Only avail till 9am Aug 25.

---NEW FF---

Note: Pillowgirl is giving away $3 to her MSS shop. This weekend only. Get the code from her blog.

Free downloads from Potential Designers at Faith Sisters

Newsletter Signup-freebies:
1. Sign up to Baersgarten's newsletter for this paper pack (and previous) freebies.
2. Sign up to Michelle Godin's newsletter for this alpha freebie.
3. Subscribe to Scrapladies Newsletter to get this QP freebie.

1. Wordart from Bethany
2-3. Kit Sampler, QP & bragbook QP from Elka Romero.
4. CU brad from Rachael. You have to "purchase" it.
5. Bragbook album from Raspberry Road
6. CU Designer Swirls from Mrs Miles
7. QPs from DigiScrap4All
8. QP from Miss Choubinette
9. Kit from Retrodiva at DSBF

1. Papers from Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals
2. Template from Kellie Mize at DesignerDigitals
3. Wordart from Dana zarling at DesignerDigitals
4. Bragbook QPs 5&6 from Bon Scrapatit
5. Sampler from Kelley Mickus. You have to "purchase" it.
6. Template from Helene
7-9. Flair & QPs from Ellie Lash CT

1. Mini kit from LiviaY
2. Tumbler Insert template from Teri
3. Crumpled borders from Cara Mia
4. QP from Doudou
5. Kit from Coco
6. Kit from Irene Alexeeva
7. More parts to her Nature's Gift kit from Renae
8. Kit from Summertime
9. Kit part 2 from Tempus Fugit

1. Alpha from Vicki
2. Doodles part 3 from Dood-Elle
3. Template from Akizo
4-5. Frame & paper & wordcloud from ChrissyW
6. Template from MOriginals
7. More 4x6 frames from Beth Nixon
8. ABC Album from Alexis
9. Alpha from Cat

1. Sticker from Bunny Cates
2. Sampler kit from Jill DZines
3. Template from Yin
4. 5th & last CD template from Tracy Blankenship
5-6. Ribbons & 6x6 QP & paper heart from Ztampf. These aren't new, I was reminded of them while browsing at the store & just in case anyone's interested & doesnt have them yet, you can get them here. There are other freebies there too incl some templates.
7. [no preview] Photo corner brush samplers from BSilvia

---[insert something witty here for ending]--- Tata for now!


Patamomma said...

Oh, now why did you have to go and post that gorgeous kit! I told you that the jury concluded you were evil! Thanks for the heads up on Pillowgirls coupon. I was in the middle of getting ready to use it and my comp went down. It won't load windows! Oh, god, now I'm hypervintilating because I was just this morning starting to back up some of the more important stuff on the comp. I hope I don't lose any of it. I guess I will put off shopping anymore until I know the damage on the comp. Acutally had to come to work to get my good deal at Pillowgirls. Well from one Virgo to another. I'm having Hopefully talk to you soon. Patty

fun2educate said...

Hi Ann,
Just got back from a 10 vacation. I tried to relax but everyday I thought about what I might be missing in the digiworld!! The good news is that pay pal if full because I haven't been around to use it. Thanks to you I can catch up very fast!! Off to shop. Give Mac a little kiss from me.

Kristin said...

I love your blog. It's always a digi wonderland! I've been here for 20 minutes already. lol

Thanks for the sweet blog comment. Good idea btw...I think I will probably take your suggestion. :0)