Wednesday, August 20, 2008

F&S AUG 20, 08

Chrissy, thanks so much for visiting - very glad to have you here :) And thanks again for the participation prize! :)
Pikachu, really appreciate your comment and I love your QPs too! :)
Patty, glad the info was useful to you. I hardly ever buy a grabbag now without a reveal, every time I do so, I regret it, not necessarily because it was bad but usually not stuff I really want. How did you do at the MSA games?
Sue, thanks so very much once again! You gave me heart :)

Sorry, I'm late & missed posting some stuff again. Have been out a fair bit these few days & I've also been indulging myself in that very time-wasting habit of sleeping :D Colin's brother's family came up from Miri for a day trip today and we met up with them for lunch - Japanese, yum! I've been having a huge craving for Japanese recently. Once upon a time, we'd go almost every week, sometimes a few times a week. Now probably once every few months. If I quit buying so many kits, we can probably afford to go more often :D

It's been a great month prize-wise! After DAM, I can't believe I actually won another random - Peta Boardman's new kit. Hmmm, maybe I should try joining these things more often! I'd also joined in GDS' QP swap & in addition to the QPs, I got Andrea Gold's grabbag of NINE products for using her template. Then ChrissyW's blog template challenge which had a participation gift of $2 coupon (which I put to VERY good use during ES's Dollar Deals :D). I double-dutied it with LOLS' colour challenge so will be getting a nice VFT kit from it too. I also saw a Karah Fredericks thread for the MSA games just a couple of hours before it closed. It wasnt random, the 1st 2 persons to post a LO gets a $5 voucher. I was surprised there wasnt any entry so I rushed out a LO & 'won' :D I double-dutied that one with PBP's birthday scraplift challenge so yay, it'll also earn me an SMJ kit! Sorry, so much boasting! I guess this is my equivalent of buying pretty dresses and modeling them in front of the mirror :D

Is everyone shopping? So many great deals lately! I got a bunch of WW stuff and really love the GWP album, just wish it came without wordart - it makes it harder to find pics when you have to match a set theme. I really wanted but didnt get the Delightful Collection though :( Maybe next year's birthday if there's a bigger discount. I'm also shopping Catscrap's 40% items daily & really hope their last day's selected items will include the kits on my list so I can get them all. My favourite bargain so far though is the Funky Junky Spring Fling albums. I literally squealed when I saw them on offer for $1. Now keeping my fingers crossed she'll resurrect the FJ1 & FJ Xmas albums :D

OK sorry I've been a babblebrook. I'll shut up now.


- Digitalfreebies 30% New Release. (lots more not shown) One week only, ends Aug 25.

- Digitalfreebies August Club Kits. 2 great kits for only $5.
- Catscrap is celebrating their 2nd birthday. 25% sale Aug 15-22. Collab kit free with $15 purchase. Also check for daily addl discounts at Catscrap blog
- Kim Hill has Dollar Days, different items daily through Aug 18-22.
- DSP's 99ct IOTW is a kit from Tina Chambers. Avail till Aug 23.
- Digitals has 29% sale till Aug 24.
- PDW has 29.9% sale till Aug 24
- Jennilyn is Oscraps Designer Spotlight. She's giving away $2 coupon off her products. Aug 18-24
- SBG's Studio Collective collab kits on sale for $5 including QP albums. For Aug.
- Ah Designs has 50% off retiring products Aug 4-31
- Sweet Genevieve has 50% 2008 Clearance Sale on 46 items. Till end Aug.
- The Digi Shop Hop Crop. Go from shop to shop picking up kits for only $2. Aug.
- Natalie Bird is resigning from designing and has her stores at CLD and PBP on 50% sale. Ends Aug 31.
- Mirranda Reindhart is offering her entire store for $30.
- Elemental Scraps Midnight Madness 40% or more on select designers. Mega kits $2 only. Not sure of end date.
- Kaye Winiecki is clearing 35 old products. $2 or less each or get all 35 for AUD$10.
- Retrodiva has 50% sale
- Melissa Bennett has a $2 grab bag at LOLS .

- Little Dreamer Designs $1 Wed

- FPD $1 Thurs
- The DigiChick 20% New Release
- DesignerDigitals 30% Thrifty Thurs
- WW Dirt Cheap Thurs

- Gina Cabrera DDE Dollar Days on till Aug 22
- Heather Manning 40% Back to School Sale (incl CU). 10 hidden products for $1. Till Aug 23.
- Sophia Sarducci "On Vacation" Series 50% off this week.
- Tara Dunstan has 50% off retiring products. Ends Sept 1.
- Royanna Fritschmann has a mega product retirement sale. Every kit priced $2.50 plus addl 60% off over $10 purchase. Ends Aug 24.


1. Miss Monica by Paula Yagisawa & Lady Linda by Kathryn Estry at GottaPixel
2. Free Sweet Bethany by TallulaMoon at 3Scrapateers
3. Under the Big Top by Wetfish, Terrell Sanzone & Christine Mortimer at Divine Digital Also check Wetfish's blog whenever it's her turn as she will have a matching freebie there.
4. Under the Sea at SnapNScrap
5. My ScrapShop Daily Downloads (changes daily)

- Ahhh Scrap is giving away bragbook pages everyday. You have to "purchase" in the store.

- Digitals Daily Download Aug 20 - Sept 4. Summery Tale Kit from Dea Spina. You have to "purchase" it.

- Twisted Sisters 7 days Daily Download. 3 separate albums, 2 pages a day. Beth Rimmer, Amanda Thorderson & Shawn Walter (no preview)

---NEW FF---

1. CU Bat & Spider templates from The Scrapping Cop
2. Kit from ABCDelf.
3. Brushes from Scrapartist
4. QP from ScrapKitchen
5. Word frame from Bon Scrapatit
6. Kit from Vera Lim
7. Mini kit from Dreamscape
8. QP from Silvia Romeo

1. Bragbook QPs from TrishH
2. Kit from Sev at Digital Crea. You have to "purchase" it. Avail 1 week only.
3. Template from ScrapMatters
4-5. CU Swirls & a really cute paper from Faith True
6. Lace mat from Cen
7. Plopper from Nicole Young at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
8. Cluster frame from KimB
9. Cluster frame from Dani Mogstad

1-2. WA & QP from Ellie Lash CT blog
3. Mini kit from Vinnie Pearce
4. Wordart by Bethany
5. QP from Maria
6. QP from Beth Long
7-9. Addon kit & 2 QPs from Miss Choubinette

1. CU buttons from Helen Ehrenhofer at GDS. You have to "purchase" it. One day only.
2. Wordart from Annick Phillibert at Zig Zag Scraps (French & English versions). Only till Fri.
3. QP from Wenchdgrafix
4. Kit from Irene Alexeeva
5. Template from ScrapMatters. One week only.
6. Template from The Digichick
7. Kit from Renae
8. Doodles from Dood-Elle Part 1. The dl's PW protected and you have to guess it.
9. Puzzle template from Kylie Moore

1. QPs from DigiKeepsakes
2. Frame cluster from Kylie Moore
3. Papers from Vicki
4. Kit from Mz Pimptress
5. Swirly border from Voodoo Scraps
6. Mini kit from Loreta Labarca
7. Template from IreneO
8. Template from Divine Digital
9. Template from Faith True

1. ScrapOrchard Wordart Wed. You have to be logged in to dl.
2. Kit from Carrie Stephens. You have to "purchase" it.
3-9. Old freebies from Kate Hadfield


ChrissyW said...

so glad I have you in my blog reader now - WOOT!!! what a fantasticly handy blog!! thx

Patamomma said...

Yep, and now that you have gave me the info on the wonderful grab bag reveal blog, I bought The MSA Games was a bust for me. I guess my number just wasn't called. But, I always feel bad about joining in when I have to become a member. They probably think I'm just joining to play. But, I would have felt more welcome if I had...? Hmmm, no biggie, it killed a couple of hours. Thanks, for asking.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

May the BEAUTIFUL babbling brook keep on FLOWING!!!

Ann love, you are such a HOOT and girl, you have every right to strut your stuff in front of that mirror called blog readers!!!

You are AMAZING ya know! I just LOVE reading your posts and am SO happy to be back in SCRAPLAND, although I DID have a WONDERFUL time with my girls and watching daughter number two say "I DO"!!!

Have a LOVELY day and thank you MUCHLY for ALL that you do for ALL of us!!!

Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

I ALMOST forgot - CONGRATULATIONS on all of your HARD WORK and CREATIVITY leading to such a FABULOUS stockpile of DIGITAL DELIGHTS!!!



whatkatiedid said...

OL Now I'm imagining you squealing with delight!! And FJ1 albums you say? hhmmm... let me see what I can do ;)

SLKozul said...

WOW - you were busy and I'm not even sure where all those places are that you visited, but I'll have to check out your new pages - congrats on all your stuff - it does feel like getting a new dress or maybe even as good as losing 2 lbs. :)

Stacey said...

Hi! I came over by Sue's blog, I'm definitely going to bookmark you...great find! Thanks Sue!!!