Tuesday, July 22, 2008

F&S JULY 22, 08

I saw this at Glenda Ketcham's blog and thought I'd mention it in case some of you missed it. A new photobook company, Inkubook has an offer for a free book (excl shipping & taxes). They ship internationally too so yay for me :) To qualify, you have to sign up and invite someone to join. I havent done a full apple to apple comparison but at a quick glance, the prices seem cheaper. Quality of course yet to be determined and the sizes are limited but hard to complain about free :D You can get the full details at the site. If anyone of you actually gives it a try, would love to know the result :)


30% New Releases at Digitalfreebies

1. Tracy Blankenship has this set of templates on offer $1 at Scrapdish 24 hours only (well much less than that now!)
2. TADA's new Lucky Dip is out. Love it!
3. Kari Hentzelt has 31 items on sale for $1 each at SBB.
4. Zigzag is having a 30% sale. Love their doodley stuff!
5. Anita Stergiou is going into semi-retirement and she has a 50% sale at NDISB till Jul 31.
6. Lilypad's $1 Tadpole Tues. Too lazy to make up the preview :D but lots of awesomeness as usual (if you havent already bought most of them at a mere 30% off :D)
7. WAS Page Turner Tues 25% off Kathryn Wilson to celebrate her birthday Jul 22 - 27
8. Scrapartist 20% Totally New Tues . Anyone hoping to become a designer? Amanda Rockwell is offering a Basic Designer course for $50.
9. This wasn't up yet when I checked just now but remember to check in later. Vera Lim's 1-2-3 Tues.


Two freebies from Digitalfreebies - card set from Jan Hosford and paper pack from Karen Lewis

The Digitals Polar Express Blog Train runs from July 14-25 & unless otherwise stated, will be avail for ONE DAY only with the download changing midnight EST everyday. The Blogs list can be found in this thread. Check ALL the blogs EVERYDAY.

1. CU Overlays from Babette only avail till Jul 25
2. Wordart from Bethany
3. Kit from Kim's Scrapping
4. Rope flowers from Scrap Desafios
5. Hybrid Bone Album from Kara Perrien
6. Kit from Chaos Lounge for Jazzy
7. DSP's weekly freebie is a paperpack from Marcee Duggar. You have to be logged in to dl.
8. Template from Danielle Young
9. Bragbook pages from Beckie Wallace

1. Template from Yin
2. Elements to Summer Treats kit by Vicki20
3. Elements to Summer Treats kit by mel_h
4. Solid papers from Purple_colourz
5. CU Froggy template (and a jar not shown) from The Scrapping Cop
6. Join Shabby Miss Jenn's facebook group to get this freebie.
7. Tag templates from Scrapkitty at SotB
8. Groupies (clusters) from Nicole Young at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
9. Mini kit from Laurie Ann at ScrapArtist

1. Explosion box from Idzi Bitsy
2. Printables from Audrey Jeanne Limited Time
3. Template from Andrea Gold
4. Template from Tracy Blankenship
5. B&W action from Natasha at DSSA
6. Bragbook templates from Andrea Gold at Mega Byte Mall
7. 4x6 Template from Curth
8. Flowers from Andreia
9. Mini kit from KimB

1. Mini kit from Andrea
2. QP from MissVivi
3. Ginger has an addon to her kit
4. Alpha from Madame Wing
5. Word labels from Dani Alencar at GDS. You have to "purchase" it.
6. Freebie from Wendy at Ahhh Scrap
7. Full kit from Krista
8. Brackets from Tracy King
9. QP from Zakirah

Digitals Daily Download Jul 20 - Aug 4, you get a page of the album a day from Jen Maceyunas. You have to "purchase" it.

Happy shopping & downloading :)

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