Sunday, July 20, 2008

F&S JULY 20, 08

Posting early today as we may be going out for the day.


This isn't on special but just mentioning it cos I think it's great value as is - the SSD Quarterly Assortments, a bundle of about 20 mini kits for only $3.99. I cart one everytime I need to make up the numbers during a GWP offer. Finally, I can get the 2008 Vol 2 which I've been itching for!

1. Nifty 99ct Specials at e-Scape and Scrap till Sun
2. Retrodiva is celebrating her daughter's 14th birthday and has 50% sale July 19 ONLY
3. Andrea Gold's 50% clearance sale at GDS


The Digitals Polar Express Blog Train runs from July 14-25 & unless otherwise stated, will be avail for ONE DAY only with the download changing midnight EST everyday. The Blogs list can be found in this thread. Check ALL the blogs EVERYDAY.

1. QP from Bon Scrapatit
2. Wordart from Bethany
3. Frame cluster from Frasinette
4. Kit from Manuella
5. Addon kit from Balahai & Loloden
6. Kit from Maelia
7. Zoo shapes from Amanda
8. Papers from Beckie Wallace
9. Alpha from Jennilyn

1. QP from Charline'Scrap
2. Alpha from Mel_h
3. QP from Andrea Gold
4. Flowers sampler from Chris Greiser
5. Template from Jennifer Schmitt for Digitalfreebies Sketch Challenge
6. QP from Mistica. You have to "purchase" it.
7. Sampler kit from Jill D-Zines
8. Word template from Idzi Bitsy
9. Template from Mrs Wresh

Will be back again later to post some Mac-pics IF I can get them all done before Mac wakes up!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Mornin' Ann!!! Hope you are having a LOVELY and RELAXING weekend with Colin and Mac!

Thank you for TODAY'S goodies and for showcasing mine!!!

Linda :)

SLKozul said...

Ann - I've been busy, but its good to see you back. Can't wait to see some new pics of Mac.

I have a new goodie up on my blog so hop over when you get a chance.

Lau said...

Thanks for the list.

Kristine said...

There's something on my blog for you!!!