Thursday, July 17, 2008

F&S JULY 16, 08

Aww Sarah, how sweet of you - it's nice to know someone actually misses my posts! :)

I've got a long list today and hopefully there are at least a couple that's still new to you guys :D But first, I have a couple more LOs to show using my templates!!
Daddy & Hannah at the Park by Carolyn aka sammdc
The photos of Hannah are adorable and the colours are so pretty! I esp love the use of the white flowers! The LO's lovely, Carolyn! Thanks so much :)

Rhyan by Shawn
Love how she's rotated the template and moved things around to suit her photo and those colours are simply gorgeous! A really super match of kit to photo! I love it, Shawn!! Thanks very much :)

Before I get to the list (& I hope someone is actually reading this & hopefully respond :)), I'm wondering if there's anyone of you doing paper/hybrid scrapping who can give me some advice? A friend of mine has gone back to Canada to visit her family & I was hoping she could help me get some basic tools but I'm not sure what to get. I'd like to do some CD albums & mini accordion albums, perhaps some altered stuff as well. The only things I can think of is that cropadile (?) thingy and a tool that can cut circles and some easy-to-use adhesive. And something to hide 'bad' edges - inking thingies? What brands/models should I get & what else would I need? I'll need to tell her exactly what to find & I'm pretty much at a loss. If you could look into your stash & let me know what I should get(incl brand names), I'd really really appreciate it! Thanks!

K, I better get to the lists before everything expires!


1. Zigzag Scraps will be having a 30% mid-summer sale from Jul 20-27
2. $1 Wed at LDD
3. 98ct Mid-month madness sale from Jul 15-20 at DigiByDesign
4. It's Meredith Fenwick's birthday and she has a coupon for 31% off her SBG Studio till Jul 17 midnight. You can get the code from the SBG blog


The Digitals Polar Express Blog Train runs from July 14-25 & unless otherwise stated, will be avail for ONE DAY only with the download changing midnight EST everyday. The Blogs list can be found in this thread. Check ALL the blogs EVERYDAY.

Jen*uine Artistry Designs has made her first kit and giving away a file a day for 5 days.

Another Sunshine Girls Freebie Mega Kit Extravaganza with a lot of new designers. (not all shown) Get the blog list from Sunshine Studios blog

1. Addon kit from Zakirah
2. Acrylic grid from Danielle Young
3. Template from Kim Wresh
4. Paper blocks from Krystal Hartley
5. Alpha from Nicole Young at DSP. You have to be logged in to dl.
6. Recipe cards from KristinCB's CT
7. Bird tags from Beckie Wallace
8. Glass tags from Tracy King
9. QPs and glitter butterfly from Rachael

1. Bugs kit part 2 from Snowsmoon
2. Kit gift from Royanna Fritschmann at Divine Digital. You have to get the coupon code from her blog and "purchase" from the store.
3. QPs from Ahhh Scrap. You have to "purchase" it.
4. Template from LOLS
5&6. A French National Day kit freebie from CarolineB and Day 2 of the Daily Download from SotB
7. Summer Wedding #9 from Bon Scrapatit
8. QP from Nicole Young
9. QPs from Digimom

1&2. 2 Templates from Andrea Gold at GDS. One has to be "purchased".
3. Robokit QP from Ztampf. You have to "purchase" it
4. Cluster frame from Dani Mogstad
5. Template from April Rieff at Jen Wilson
6. QP from Verena Karolyi at DSA. You have to "purchase" it.
7. QP for you to dress up from Alma Townsend
8. Torn Out freebie from Amy Sumrall
9. PS Toy Chest Brushes from Scrap Stew Sue at Busy Scrappin'

1. Wild Child Addon glitter from Lindsay Jane
2. Fireworks freebie from Heidi Larsen at LDD blog
3. CU Hearts OV from Manuscraps
4. Template from ScrapMatters
5. Film Star kit from Retrodiva at Digital Scrapbooking Freebies
6. Template from SSD
7. Template from SSD
8. Template from Amberlee
9. QP from Beth Long

1. Bragbook from Raspberry Road
2. CU Paper template from Scraps by Shilo
3. Sampler from My Scrap Shop. You have to "purchase" it.
4. Camping Kids sampler from Aussie Scrappers
5. Template from TDC
6. Template from Lori
7. Template from Oscraps
8. Template from Yin
9. Template from Shazbutt

1. Frame clusters from Traci Reed
2. Wordart Wed at ScrapOrchard. You have to be logged in to dl.
3. Wordart from Bethany
4. Another wordart from Bethany at Joy's blog
5. Mystery freebie from Shawn Headley
6. Candy Jar from TrishH at DigitalCandy.
7. Cute Genealogy QP from Annick Philibert at Zigzag. You have to "purchase" it.LIMITED TIME.
8. Kit from Janice Brasil at The Daily Scrapper. You have to "purchase" it.
9. Summer Wedding #10 from Bon Scrapatit

1. Alpha from Viviane
2. QP from Mag
3. QP from Fraisinette.
4. Olympic Kit from Scrapteam
5. QP from Maelia
6. Kit from Maelia
7. Alpha from MyDigiStyle
8. QP from Happy Scrap Girl Designs kit
9. Kit from Petit Moineux

Have a great day (night), everyone :)


Anonymous said...

for hybrid I have to get chalk inks by clearsnap in lots of colors :o) they are my fav. Lots of people like the basic gray and maya road brag books as well as hambly studios clear acrylic albums. I like to have spray adhesive for brag books for great coverage and some modge podge for paper for sealing. Hope this helps

Beckie said...

What an amazing list!! Thanks so much for gathering these for us :)

~*Tina*~ said...

Ann! Why do you want to do hybrid? You do amazing digi layouts! LOL!

My suggestion tho would be for elements. You can create you page 90% digi, then just add things like real brads, eyelets (you'll need an eyelet tool), metal accents, chipboard, etc.

Amy said...

Thanks Ginger! You are the BEST!

Amy said...

Oh, by the way, mod podge and ribbons are my needs for hybrid!

Nancy - lilladybug979 said...

Ann, I just saw your comment on my blog. You are welcome to use the layout I did with your template on your blog and in the slideshow. And don't forget to come back on August 1 to grab the free kit.