Sunday, July 13, 2008

F&S JULY 13, 08


1. The 2 25ct specials at DesignerDigitals
2. Royanna Fritschmann has a CU Sale. All CU products $1.50 and additional 50% off for purchase above $10.
3. DSP's 99ct IOTW from Meryl Bartho


1. Seasons stamps from Annie's Little Footprints
2. Collect-a-kit part 3 from Ruth Davis at
3. QPs and others from DID newsletter (scroll to the bottom)
4. QP from MCardall & Sara Amarie
5. Flowers from Misty Cato
6. QP from Sweetmade
7. Template from ScrapShana at Scraphead. You have to be logged in to dl.
8. CU OVs from Pillowgirl at My Scrap Shop. You have to "purchase" it.
9. Template from Pink Peacock. Make sure you note down the PW.

1. Kit Part 1 from Snowsmoon
2. This and a few more from Imagine by Fran
3. Bragbook QP from Rina Kroes
4. QP from Paislee Press at Shutterfly blog
5. WA from Bethany
6. More WA from Bethany at Creative Dreams
7. CU Texture from Redju
8. Papers from Foxy Designs
9. Canvas Labels from Kami

1. Summer Wedding #8 from Bon Scrapatit
2. QP from Verena Karolyi at GDS. You have to "purchase" it.
3. Clips from Pimp Your Scrapbook

4. And this one came in just as I was about to publish - free mini kit from Danielle Corbit


Ginger said...

Hey friend :) Have you gone to my blog today??? I just put up my surprise!! Just wanted to let you know. GingerScraps

fun2educate said...

Hello Ann,
Got home from the beach and came straight here to say hello and pick up some goodies. Thanks for the list and the information.

PS> Am leaving to go back to beach tomorrow and will be gone for a week. See ya when I return.

Kim B said...

Just popping in with my coffee- hee hee, and to let you know that I have enough windows open to last me till bedtime!! ARRGH, so much for getting some work done- ROTFLMAO!